A project with new planning, “connecting leadership”, that can make people happy



I’m writing this article with the willing to propose The Noble Rings project, created with the occasion of The Olympic Games, London 2012, becoming actual in this olympic year, for The Olympic Games, Rio 2016

*The Noble Rings is a valuable project, not only because I believe on it, but for :

~the values it represents, the olympic values: respect, dignity, faith, open heart, determination, tenacity, optimism, energy, teamplay…

~the benefits that its implementation and its communication could generate

~the feedback I’ve received in 2012

chalkidikiBefore to present the project and its benefits, I want to make a refference to
Mr Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn, article: „The four tiers of engagement: What Silicon Valley taught me about collaboration and time management”


There are important insights about leadership engagement, project management engagement, for achieving results in a project implementation, and interesting exemples regarding  the importance of the time management and collaboration into a project.

„If you are a principal, that means a fully engaged leadership that success demands in todays ultra competitional landscape” Reid Hoffman

Here, I posted an opinion regarding the planning:

Planning could mean in a few words: setting priorities, times, actives needed, time to focus

Arrived to be difficult to make plans on long periods of time.

leadershipIt is good to make a new Gantt, a little bit different, based on choosing well the most efficient actives, needed for each activity.

All these will give a picture for the project status, will give an efficient budget needed, will give the shorter time needed to implement the project.

But I think at these times, we need to move quickly and to see fast results;

The projects “connected with the society” like Noble Rings could bring fast results through the benefits for the companies that implement it and through the fact that can make people happy;

youthDevAnd happiness could make a better world

At these times, we have to live trying to find solutions for challanging that are on different domains, that are interconnected, in order to arrive to use our intelligence, creativity, innovations, abilities, knowhow and to start to build;

We can say to build happiness

Speaking about projects “connected with the society”, about leadership engagement, I liked what Mr Louis Gallardo said on happytimes.world into the article dedicated to Mr Kailash Satyarthi, awarded with Noble Prize for Peace in 2014

„It’s a level of dedication that reminds me of Olympic athletes training for decades to perfect their craft” Mr LouisGallardo



Olimpism & Hearty Concept


*The Noble Rings, a jewellery, an unique representation for the olympic symbol representing the olympic rings

~ are bearing the olympic values: determination, open heart, tenacity, teamwork, respect, fairplay, energy, faith, hope…

~ it looks nice to wear it

~ it  is a valuable piece through supporting the olympic values that could function like highlights and sustaining

The Olympic Games

*With this project, the proposal for the companies, institutions, is to purchase The Noble Rings to offer to their clients, partners, employees

employees company engagement lego~The employees company engagement

*The employees company engagement can assure the premises that the business will be alive, having strong base, the brand will add awarness, the company value can grow up

*They are identified with the company values and when the company is „ connected with the society”, they will arrive to identify their role into the society, they will try to build their life for an always better world

~The clients company engagement

*The clients want to meet good products and services, to buy them, to like and to respect the company

*The clients company engagement became mandatory; They are the most valuable assets and company need to know, how to make them to recommande the business; This could mean marketing customer oriented, good products and services, and very important, customer care and customer support services, good communication

The company responsibility can add value for the brand and create a lots of benefits for the company and around it, for the employees, customers, partners, communities, society… 
The „connecting leadership” is more than a competitive advantage…it is the way the companies will become a choice for their customers

*for inquires regarding the project, you can write at


cherryedHearty Concept






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