A trip in Chalkidiki, Greece, for a few days, lets your spirit to rise


chalkidiki blueA trip in Chalkidiki, Greece, for a few days, to clean your eyes, relax your mind, fill your energy with the breeze, let your spirit to rise.

In Thessaloniki, I found the very chill way to drive in a city, arriving from every roads straight near the sea;  I’ve discovered a Greek Chocolateria Shop Esteria with super good chocolate and where I was impresed about the road oranged with full orange trees.

From Thessaloniki to Polygyros the municipality city, to Porto Carras where has been presented first time new EU Constitution at EU Summit , there is Chalkidiki, Aristotel  birthplace, where he wrote about „happiness like ultimate purpose of humanity existance”.

The peninsula Chalkidiki with olive trees and full of history  has 3 fingers: Kassandra, more commercial, with vibrant life nights during summer season, Sithonia, more wild with green pin forest, that gives one of the most good honey, beaches with sand and blue waters where the dolphins like to come  and the sacre religious Athos.

In this a few days trip, you can find nice places where you want to stay , to enjoy, to visit, to meet nice greek people, good fresh healthy food, when you will come again…..

chalkidiki blue

chalkidiki pins & clear water

Greece Chalkidiki Sithonia

Sithonia Blue Greece


chalkidiki map google

Chalkidiki Map

stagira google

Sageira’s Aristotel

Sithonia Chalkidiki Greece

palm & olive trees in Sithonia Chalkidiki

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