About friendship on the #friendsday


About friendship on the #friendsday 

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peonies fbThe friendships have uniqueness, depending on the every ingredient’s quantity we are able to give.

The friendship ingredients could be:

~to feel well being together with your friends; to give respect to the friend’s personality, opinions, privacy; to have close ways to see the things around, the life’s meaning; to be active at the friend’s needs, requests, to put value on them, to prioritize them; to be open and exprim clear the opinions; to not try to make the friend to be like you;  be yourself; to be happy for the friend happiness; to have courage to have personal attitude in front of the challenging, with no influences that determine your position; feel and think; to not looking for the perfection;

*Friendship cannot exist without open heart; that means a kind of love

*The valuable friendship needs reciprocity, with action and reaction

*Love, friendship, gave unconditionaly, the most valuable, exist, but at the very high level

Generally, between levels, we are moving our lives, depending on how much we are able to give from our feelings, respect, help, attention, personalized opinions, prioritization; how much we are able to try to understand and to believe on the friend’s dreams, abilities, especially when the life challenged.

@coffee 2On social media, we are presenting ourselves, we are making connections, we are communicating; every social media has its role, and there are links between them, created through the same people.

I think Facebook arrived to be the place where can be built premises for valuable connections and can be created the base for our presentation on the other social media places;

~Because Facebook arrived to be the place where could be kept alive an important part of the valuable friendship ingredients

I have written a comment on LinkedIn regarding the content posted on social media, that means what is writing, photo, video; on social media we are not building ROI, we could build confidence, awarness, connection.

That’s why, we need an attitude to read, think, feel, like, share, give our opinion, to build relevancy to the content.

In a retweet I wrote that Twitter is a place where world of people can follow the ideea that the world can be better.

owl 2The connections between people, could make a lot of good things to happen; as much as people understand the changes that are now needed individually, into the society, as much as the connections between them, give believes that there are chances for a better world.

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