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Who am I?

Communication Consultant ~Branding & Marketing, Content Marketing, Native Advertising

International eBusiness Consultant

Economist [High Level]

Senior Level Management [ with High Diploma in Management]

Cybernetician ~ Models Creator at micro and macro levels

Innovator ~ Innovative Solution Creator for World Challenges

Concepts Creator ~ Creative Changes Enhancer

Super Power Mother

A human woman that’s thinking & feeling with love, logical, faith

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My willings: To create solutions and to participate on their implementation,  solutions that are fitting with different challenges, that can open new ways, that can make important differences, that can solve problems in businesses and society, on the way of growing #PeopleHappiness level, developing a #SustainabilityAttitude, having like highlights #OlympicValues, GlobalGoals and Paris Agreement,  for Making A Better World…

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IMG_8015*My knowledge together with creativity, abilities and willings, can bring results: important solutions for the challengesgrowth revenues, sales, brand awareness and value added, where, there is an open attitude for the fact that the creativity on business, on real and pragmatic situation  can be applied, can redesign the situation, can make a change where is needed

*The solutions are innovative, efficient, with fast results, with benefits for the parties involved, with measured results, that can make a difference and could open new ways

*The proposals are based on my experienceon good and fitted communicationbraiding the benefits that the internet and mobile world can add to our professional and personal life with traditional environmenton strategical partnershipson approaching to the young generation, oriented to people benefits

Professional knowledge me

~Communication I think, includes marketing, PR, branding and arrives to be more important than anytime; it has to be customer oriented, people oriented; and this can make creativity to rise

**Creativity can produce results on businesswhen there is creativity, things work, rise, are alive

When creativity produce results on business, heart and brain work together and create premises for innovation

Innovation that could mean things, concepts, projects that are able to open new ways

**Branding is measuring in awareness, and I see brand awareness like a result of the reasons of being brand or having the premises to become; 

The brand awareness could be a result of a good communication 


**For me marketing means marketing customer oriented

*It is about focusing on results, efficiency, priorities, fitted resources involved like: people, budgets, other actives…in order to arrive to measure the results like: revenues, profitability, brand awareness, new customers, customers engagement…

All these include knowledge and ability to link the marketing with the other departments like: sales, financials, production, development…

 *It is about knowledge

~regarding the segmentation in order to arrive with the fitted communication to the clients;

~regarding the positioning the brand into the market;

~regarding the defining the most important benefits that had to be communicated to meet the clients needs; 

~regarding knowing as much as possible the clients through appropriate customer care services, knowing the trends through partnerships

*It is about knowledge regarding how to communicate and regarding the fitted ways to arrive to the customers: knowing the online and offline marketing tools, new technologies…

*It is about networking and the fitted partnerships that could help to arrive to the wanted results 

**I think communication can be seen like an interface between:

~the company, the brand  and the external environment like: clients, business partners, competition…where the results need to be build and

~a link between the company, the brand and the internal environment like: employees, shareholders…where the resources need to be produced, need to be obtained in order to build results


**My ability is to feel  what are the most valuable things;  to see the 20% of the details that give 80% of The Best;  that things that are, or have the premises to become valuable on the company products and services offer, that through a fitted communication, could arrive to make a difference

It is like I put a cherry on the cake and based on creativity, this can make a differencecan make a change, with the condition: the cake need to be good, need to be quality… I call this Cherryed

This helps to create the differentiators for the business, to come with viable solutions, fitted to the business challengeoriented on results, efficiency and based on knowledge and argues

**My talent is the communicationfitted for people, for clients, through marketing customer oriented; this could help creativity to rise

I think that creativity is very personal, and that has to be a fitted actbased on feelingthinking and communicating

**My challenge, that could be seen like difficulty, is to speak about me, like an elevator speech, answering to my questions!!!!!!!!

**My willings: to create results that can bring me recurring revenues and to arrive to create revenues needed for responsibility projects, that can open doors for the valuable things, that can build chancesresponsibility for people, for the healthenvironmentscience, arts, education fields, responsibility for the communities, for the young generation

Hearty Concept

I am the founder and I am representing Hearty ConceptHearty Concept  is concept that combines new business, marketing, responsibility concepts

I am a writer, writing content customer oriented and creating content, that is an important part of communication; this was important part of my work till now;

www.andra-cretu.com is the place where I make a collection with knowledge about online business, online marketing, a collection with my professional, business opinions,  gave like comments on social media, with a collection of news, valuable articles, trends… that all of these, I hope, could be valuable for those who arrive to read

my opinions gave like comments on LinkedIn

www.andra-cretu.com/blog  is the blog where I’m relating acts, thoughts, feelings that I like; I’m doing this highlighting about people, companies, activities because they are part of the moments I like to transmit; I would like to be valuable content with links to valuable content on other websitesblogs…being able to be for those who arrive to read it, a source of informationa source of inspirationa place that open structured, organized ways to another valuable content

Andra Cretu




Content published on this blog on 6 September 2011

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill

” Just do it! ” Nike

“Sun can be seen from every roof” Janos Pilinszky

I would like to offer my knowledge and creativity for the companies where those who are making the decision, are open to accept that the creativity on business can be applied, can redesign part of it and can make a change

Through our collaboration will build ways to make your customers happy and this will generate growth of revenues, brand awareness and value. All of these, can be achieved not only by a well done promotion. Choosing that product, service from the company proposal that could have the highest chance to be well waited and well accepted by the customers, preparing this product, service to be communicated, rising the chance to meet its customers through marketing customer oriented and fitted communication, all of these, can make the difference.

I like to braid concepts, the tradition with the trends. Braiding the benefits of the online marketing and communication that the internet and mobile world can add to our professional and personal life, with the traditional marketing, using when it is fitted, strategical partnerships, with the products and services that have the same customer profile, can build strong results on recurring revenue, brand awareness and value.

Brand means a part of these or all of these: quality, creativity, innovation, concept, services, customer respect, history, tradition, recognition, brands can make our lives more happy, more easy and more colored. Regarding the valuable companies, one of the most important value added of a brand is the responsibility activity regarding environment, sports, health, education, culture and these can make a change


1991 – 1996    The Economical Cybernetics Faculty on The Economical Studies and Sciences Academy of Bucharest

Master’s Degree, Economical Cybernetics, Statistics and Economical Informatics

Grade:  Economical Cybernetics Diploma

Activities and Societies:  Micro and Macro Economical Cybernetics; Operational Research; Economical Statistics; The Analyse of Economical Systems; Micro and Macro Economical Prevision; The Theory of the Stocks; The Theory of the Decision; The Theory of the Economical Balance; Superior Maths applied in Economy;

1999 – 2004    The UK Open University Business School in partnership with Codecs, Bucharest

Master’s Degree, The Management of The Development and The Change

Grade:  Diploma of Higher Education in Business Management

Activities and Societies:  The Management of The Development and The Change The Clients Relationships Management; The Financial Management; The Competitive Management; The Management of The Development and The Change ; The Management of The Micro and Macro Economical Resources;

1987-1991       High School: National College  “Dragos Voda”

                         Sighetu-Marmatiei, Maramures, Romania

Mathematics and Phisics Degree



International Certification on eBusiness Consultancy: eBusiness Certified Consultant WSI       Microsoft Sales Specialist

Customer Relationship Management The Open University

HP Computers and Peripherals NPI, Salzburg, Istambul

Languages: English (Full professional proficiency)

French (Elementary proficiency)

Professional details

2009- present       Communication Consultant & 2012 Founder at Hearty  Concept

Marketing &Brand Developer, Content Marketing , Creating and Structured Content Customer Oriented, Marketing and Branding Planning, Development Online Presence, Social Media Communication

Creating Innovative Solution to Marketing and Communication Challenges,

Creating Innovative Concept,  Projects and Proposal for these Projects on Hearty Concept


Hearty Concept, an ngo created for applying different and creative responsibility concept and to develop responsibility projects that can make a change

To support the development of the Projects, Hearty Concept has like primary goal, the development of the Valuable Community, through generating growth revenues, brand awarness and value for the Partners

2004 – 2009          International Certified eBusiness Consultant, WSI  

Managing Partner Websens, Bucharest, Romania till 2006

2006 – 2010           Managing Partner

      Socex Invest, Stiki Concept



1996 – 2003        Microsoft Sales & Marketing Manager

                               Hewlett – Packard Key Account Manager

Q’NET International , Bucharest, Romania


About WSI Internet Consulting & Education

WSI ( We Simplify The Internet ) is the world’s leading Internet franchise offering advanced digital marketing services to suit the needs of multiple industries. The company has the world’s largest Digital Marketing Consultants’ network with its head office in Toronto, Canada.

WSI is listed as one of the Top 100 Global Franchises by Franchise Direct.

In 2010, WSI was the proud recipient of 6 Standard of Excellence Awards at the Annual Web Awards Competition organized by the Web Marketing Association (WMA). With the support and cooperation of its customers, WSI franchisees, employees, suppliers and charitable organizations, WSI aims to help Make Child Poverty History through its global outreach program.

About The Open University of UK

“Students have yet again rated The Open University among the UK’s top three higher educations institutions for overall student satisfaction.

In 2011 The Open University came third out of 157 universities in the National Student Survey – placed equally with Oxford. In Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland the OU is the top-rated higher education institution.

The Open University has been in one of the top three places for student satisfaction every year since the survey was launched in 2005.”


About CODECS – Puterea Cunoasterii ( The Power of Knowledge)

CODECS is the partner of The Open University of UK in Romania.

CODECS is using The Open University Teaching Model to develop new management culture in Romania.

The Academy of Economic Studies (Academia de Studii Economice Bucureşti, or ASE) is the oldest university of economics and business studies in Romania. It was founded in April 6, 1913 in Bucharest, by the royal decree of Carol I of Romania, under the name Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies.

Since 1967 it is known as the Academy of Economic Studies and has become one of the largest higher education institutes in both Romania and South-Eastern Europe.

A notable presence inside ASE is the Business Information Technology department (Informatică Economică)part of The Faculty of Economic  Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, which is an entity that promotes an educational philosophy based on combining economics and software development as a way of creating experts suitable for the Information Age ( source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucharest_Academy_of_Economic_Studies )


Dragos Voda High School ( 1919), Maramures, Sighetu Marmatiei



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