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27 July 2016

On my birthday I have received a voucher for a sponsored article on LinkedIn

I decided to write about Native Advertising, a trend direction in Advertising and Communication, online and offline; a direction that challenged me, that put my Creativity to work in order to find ways for producing Results.

Challenged my attention because it is about Communication, Customer oriented: Content, Advertisements, New trends, Innovation, Results

In these times, the things changed comparing with a few years ago, when the online environment had a well defined rules, particularities, potential clients; now, to arrive to generate results, it is very important  to fix well the percent for the marketing attention and efforts for the online environment and for the traditional environment.

Combining online marketing, mobile particularities with offline  marketing, and choosing well the percent for the focus, taking into the consideration the Communication project needs, Native Advertising can create Results.


„Native Advertising is one of the most passionate debated topics in the industry at the moment” Native Advertising Trends Report, June 2016

Native Advertising Institute with FIPP, the network for global media, made this valuable Report through interviewing 140 magazines executives worldwide; 72% are for Native Advertising  and consider Native Advertising a „Premium Product”


What could be the measurable Results on Native Advertising?

A few exemples:

~Native Advertising and Social Media, Unpaid

*On Facebook: UEFA #Good Campaign

UEFA 2016 ball


*On Twitter: Could be a valuable opportunity for Microsoft and fitted open windows for the LinkedIn brand future @microsoft @linkedin

linkedin microsoft

*On LinkedIn, I made a comment on a remark” It is not only advertisement, it is a good article” : Even the article is advertisement, it is valuable; Advertising is important; In advertising, the sources and the argues are important

~Native Advertising and Social Media, Paid

~Native Advertising and Programmatic


I think that Programmatic  Advertising that arrives to combine the real time Creativity, based on fitted and quality data, with an efficient automated display advertising, could be the step to the new Native Advertising…

Native Advertising can have like Results: Enhance brand awareness, clients engagement, employees  engagement, and can Increase actions on call-to-actions and sales through the facts that arrive to be where the customers, potential customers are, and to communicate what they are looking for, what they are like, what they are considering relevant.

content lemon googleThe Content, meaning texts, photos, video, infographics, is very important in Native Advertising.

90%of those who are producing customized content for a specific media property are considering Native Advertising important on the Native Advertising Institute and FIPP, the network for global media Report.

lemon cake pinterest2I wrote in a comment about the similarity between producing content and producing sweets; with the same a few ingredients you can make hundreds recipes; depends on the quantities, the way and the order how you mix them, the Creativity, and very important…to make what you make with open heart …

My father had his wise words: „The life cannot be extended, It is important to know to expand it”

Besides other important things that can contribute,

I think that Good and Relevant Content, through producing, opening, posting,  liking, presenting, sharing, inspiring,

during it can produce Money, it can contribute to #MakeABetterWorld


Andra Cretu

Communication Consultant  & Founder Hearty Concept


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