Bucharest, the old “Small Paris” in a City Tour


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An autumn sunny Sunday.
A walk in the Bucharest Downtown, enjoying an “ice cream with smiles” (about this, in a future post), a joy for children and special moments for me.

Super ideea, especially since we decided to take, for the first time, City Bus to make a Bucharest City Tour.

An outdoor downtown tour, without traffic congestion, on a gorgeous weather, it is true, made me to enjoy the beautiful, interesting places besides which I pass, otherwise, very often.

With just a few adjustments regarding the organization and some key elements added to the ambient, I could say that this tour, could raise the most interesting tours, in the most beautiful and representative cities.
Long green parks and flowers, architecture buildings that still retains cosmopolitanism and prosperity of the interwar period, when Bucharest was called  ” The Little Paris”, create a pleasant and interesting atmosphere, a very trendy mix of vintage and contemporary.

Photos with Bucharest Downtown, made in this City Tour ( click on the photo, the music: Celelalte Cuvinte ).

The Arch of Triumph, The Romanian Peasant Museum, The Natural History Museum Grigore Antipa, The National Geology Museum, The Cretulescu Church, The Romanian Atheneum, The Romanian Royal Palace, The Romanian National History Museum, The CEC Palace, The Parliament Palace, The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, The Bucharest Museum, Cercul Militar National, The Romanian Literature Museum, Statuia Lupoaicei, The Romanian Victoria Palace, Statuia Charles de Gaulle


Bucharest Downtown

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