Review: Rihanna statements she liked to concert in Bucharest


the article in romanian

14 August 2016, Rihanna has been performed first time in Bucuresti

photo Daria and Dana „ “ …Was one of the best moments on the stage” ” And this is own to you all” “


In the Constitution Square, the access has opened with 5h before the Rihanna s concert, time when have been trying to warm the atmosphere, together with the sun, other two names: Nick Jones, that has a good music, beloved; I didn’t even know that he will be on the stage and, when I saw him, I realized that he is Nick from Johnass Brothers, the band from the movie for teens, The Camp Rock; He has performed especially for the teens, but I think that they didn’t know that was him and have been too concentrated with making photos.

The representative from the romanian artists was Delia, a good choice through music, style, personality, an artist that, with some songs, could find her place on the international stages; but Delia, either, couldn’t achieve to rise the public willing for an active participation to the concert.

I think that people have been waited the event organization, to be up to other level, that, at least, to balance the fact that the phones lights, lifted for the beloved songs, can be seen and can create atmosphere only when the evening starts.

Everything regarding the event organization was at a basic level…

Even the Rihanna ANTI, World Tour message has been sent through simplicity, the event organization didn’t help the atmosphere: lights, personalization, with a few T shirts, signs, brands and branding presence.

I can say that the lack of enough recyclebins, places for charging the phones, a few chairs for those that haven’t places in those few stands, for those who didn’t want to stay down on the asphalt and for those that were on the heels at the concert, like me; these lacks, have been balanced with a very safety atmosphere, discreet, opened for helping the public, that the police, BGS, arrived to maintain.


photo Daria and Dana In a simplicity that I haven’t seen till now, a stage like a black box with a white cloth, have appeared Rihanna, moment that I have perceived with emotion; and not because I am a big fan, but for the respect that I offer for an artist, that arrived to become a highlight through music, talent, personality and that is trying, I think, hardly, in this tumultuous world, to keep the direction and to make as many fitted choices.

I have this opinion from Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, from posts, news with Rihanna, that are coming towards me and that, some of them, are catching my attention…

In the ANTI, World Tour, Rihanna arrived in Bucharest after a few concerts, and the feedback received for them, hasn’t made her happy; Could be possible that she hasn’t arrived to the public with the message she wanted to transmit…

I think that the Tour message as well as the concert it is a manifesto, for a better world…

photo Daria and Dana She entered the stage like a Cleopatra of the present, wearing the cross, a believe symbol; Black dressed, simple and sexy, she didn’t change the outfit because, I think, she didn’t intend this; the differentiator cloths element, the boots, I think, created together with the designer Manolo Blahnik…

Rihanna has sung pieces from the new album ANTI, pieces like Stay, Desperados…that have a sound thet is new; Four Five Seconds, the piece wrote in wildin with the ideea to be launched together with Kanye West and Paul McCarney…
meDuring 90 minutes, Rihanna has communicated with the public and, in an atmosphere that arrived to be perceived like a reciprocal, tacit respect, the piece Diamonds, shined with energy, in the lights of mobiles and the voices of those who were singing ….


After the concert, Rihanna posted on Social Media, on Instagram, her opinion about the concert in Bucharest, an important statement, with appreciates and unexpected:

„ “ …Was one of the best moments on the stage” ” And this is own to you all” “

concert Rihanna Google*I think that, because the public reacted with respect, because she heard singing her songs and because the design of the place gives an apart energy with the People House lighted, Rihanna felt good on the stage in Bucharest…




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David Guetta won another „Teen Choice Award” at Untold Festival


the article in romanian

forever young

Today, 12 August 2015, The Youth Day…

2 August 2015, a day that was dedicated for David Guetta and Untold Festival

Because my daughter wished very much to participate at this concert, I took into the consideration this event even if that meant a lot of things we need to organized to be able to attend.

Before, I tried to find those elements that make a difference for electronic music, especially tthe elements that make a difference for David Guetta:

David Guetta

Those elements that made that David Guetta to be very appreciate, considerate like being a highlight in music, at this moment, especially for the young generation

I’ve already knew singles that I like:” Hey Mama ” David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj  ,” Without you “David Guetta feat Usher

…only that, till that moment, I thought that there were… feat David Guetta…

I found genial pieces, with innovative elements, like: “I can only imagine” David Guetta feat Chris Brown, “What I did for love”  David Guetta feat Emely Sande,

Lovers on the sun “David Guetta feat Sam Martin

Play hard work hard” David Guetta feat Akon

Titanium” David Guetta feat Sia

Untold Festival photo Adriana Maria Radu

Remarkable things, that made me to wait the day of the participation at this concert

David Guetta photo from Adriana Maria Radu

~David Guetta, besides he is a very talented french DJ, that dressing with rithm and personality hits

~He is the most appreciated DJ & Producer

~His first album, produced with Gum Production has been launched in 2002

David Guetta, photo from Adriana Maria Radu

~David Guetta arrived to sell till now 40 mil singles, becoming the most followed DJ Producer in the world

~The most downloaded @DJ ever, like BBC News are saying

I found that David Guetta

Despicable ME


~Has been made the sound for Despicable ME 2 ( 2013) Fast & Furious 6 ( 2013), Pitch Perfect (2012), Furious 7 (2015)


~He is propose to make the anthem for the UEFA Euro 2016 France

Won „ Teen Choice Award” in 2013, Choice Electronic Dance Music Artist, @ MTV Music Awards

At Untold Festival 2015

@ MTV Video Music Awards he had the nominations

Best Video with a Social Message, 2014 cu ” One Voice” David Guetta feat Mikky Ekko

Best Visual Effects, 2012,  David Guetta feat Nicky Minaj with ” Turn me on

At Untold Festival

Grammy Awards nominations:

Best Dance Recording, 2012, nomination that shared with AVICII  for the “Sunshine


At Untold Festival


With AVICII, he shared the stage, even if in different days, they shared energy and joy for the teens, at Untold Festival organized at Cluj Napoca, “The European Youth Capital 2015,  that in these days has became younger into the music and colour

Untold Festival, photo from Adriana Maria Radu


There were a lot of musicians invited at this festival: Armin Van Bureu, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, I wished to see AVICII, especially for “You make me“,” Wake me up “,” Levels

Moonlight Breakfast, that I saw for the first time opening Macy Gray concert in Bucharest

In the opening David Guetta concert, I saw Tujamo, an elecro – house music producer from Germany, that had nomination at World Music Award ; at Untold Festival had remixed a few pieces that I like: Lean on , „Tired with nobody to love

Untold Festival, photo from Adriana Maria Radu

The concert, actually the David Guetta  party had been place at Arena Cluj, surrounded by the Central Park, the place where almost the whole festival had been place.

AT Untold Festival

Till the party we had more a few hours but I realised that this time could be spend in a very pleasant way…

AT Untold Festival

A relax and comfortable atmosphere, within a very nice and natural environment, good organization, clean, the cleaning has been kept all the time by the organizers, colours, youth, civilization, joy, smiley faces, Smiley was there with Hahaha Production , novel ideeas, brands that through there participations offered  represntatives frameworks, fitted with the relaxation and entertainment; and  there have been places for other brands too; good food, good sweets, different, international recipes, well presented; there should be more food places; stages with different types of music; would be nice the retro concerts with East 17, Culture Beat, Bonny M to be into the same location…

AT Untold Festival

Because here, even the people more retro , had the chance to meet with the self youth, those from forever young…

David Guetta At Untold Festival


This has been felt at the concert, at the party David Guetta

I couldn’t thought that I will like so much the energy and the atmosphere …

I think David Guetta didn’t expect to be so much waited in Romania…this has been seen from the lawn where I have been...

From the lawn I saw also the surprise of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Arena Bucharest  team when they had the first concert in Romania…

David Guetta has been exprim this on the stage, made photos, has exprim this on social media:

„ Wow!!! @UntoldFestival was Unreal! 50.000 people! Multumesc Romania!”  at

Anyway, has been more than a concert, he arrived to create a party…

David Guetta, photo from Daria

(click on the photo to see the video)

„ I never feel like a superstar on the stage…at that moment, I am like being at the party with people…I have fun near them…” say David Guetta in an interview at the Cannes Lions Festival 

David Guetta, Untold Festival, photo from Adriana Maria Radu

And the supremacy of the energy he would like to create at the party is like that from the video made at the concert in Brazil, for the piece „ Without you” David Guetta feat Usher and that from the Billboard presentation  about the creation of the video for the new single „ Hey  Mama”, David Guetta ft Nicky Minaj

 It is like he wants to create for the people, a such a party atmosphere… that he likes very much… because this helps him to create music…

Hearty Concept

In my opinion, #DavidGuetta won another #TeenChoiceAward @UntoldFestival

If all these words would be 2 words…: Very Nice!!!




At Untold Festival

At Untold Festival


David Guetta, Untold Festival photo from Adriana Maria Radu

At Untold Festival

Cluj, at Untold Festival

Cluj, at Untold Festival

At Untold Festival



At Untold Festival, Lucky Junior


At Untold Festival

At Untold Festival




~a part of the photos are from Adriana Maria Radu; I remained without battery at the phone and I asked her to send me a few photos…Thank you!!!





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Macy Gray, live in Bucharest


the article in romanian

Macy Gray, live in Bucharest, 22 november 2012

It was a night when I had the opportunity to enjoy 3 hours of good music and to realise that, besides a few songs that I like from Macy Gray, I discovered a complex artist and a great person.

Moonlight Breakfast, a romanian young band that plays a kind of Bar & Lounge music, made the opening to Macy Gray. They did a very good job, quality music, sounds like profesional…. I liked them!!!!

With 20 million albums sold, a Grammy Award, an MTV Music Awards, 2  Brit Awards  in the record, Macy Gray sings and composes music and lyrics, she is also actress (the most recent role played with Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, directed by Lee Daniels), she participates in humanitarian and made ​​an evaluation of its activity at 38 million dollars.

( link to the concert “Sweet Baby” song)

What I liked very much, besides the songs that she sung: I do, Nothing Else Matter, Sweet Baby, Do something, Let you win, Happiness, Beauty in the World, The Letter, I try, it was the team spirit, empathy and leadership qualities that proved Macy Gray. Each of the band members, not only they were presented, they had their  individual role and their place, well-defined, into the show. Macy Gray stated and trasmited that she is not the only superstar  of the night, but each of her colleagues and more of than, every person must  to feel this. Moreover, positive messages were sent during the concert, about faith, self confidence, friendship, freedom, peace.

( link catre videoclip)

In a unique blend of rhythms R & B, funk, rock, soul, hip hop, performing the song I try, Macy Gray spoke about “beautiful” people, about love, love for others, self confidence, and Everything is gona be allright, managed to create an atmosphere, full of empathy. She left the stage with a smile of satisfaction, as she was able to send the right things, and the public responded.

It was a cool evening,  with good music. For mind and soul.

Leonard Cohen Concert, Bucharest, 22 September 2012 – “Old Ideas”, in a new reverence


the article in romanian


On September 22, 2012, in Constitution Square, in Bucharest, at 20.00 o’clock fix, those who came to listen the music of Maestro Leonard Cohen, are vibrating at the first sounds of his unique voice.

The concert promotes  his new “Old Ideas” album , which arrived on the first position on worldwide tops, in the very first week of its appearance on the market.

Elegant, precious, Leonard Cohen has delighted us with his presence and his music.

( a sequence from the concert, click on the photo )

His music is unique.

And I think its originality derives from the different way in which it becomes music.

First of all are the artist’s feelings, which are expresed, with talent, in lyrics, full of depth and content, beeing transmitted after that, with a fascinating voice, like a sung recitation.

To enchant, to delight us all, his voice is accompanied in rhythms and melodies, perfectly chosen and interpreted by proffessionals musicians.

(Leonard Cohen feat U2, ” Tower of Song “, click on the photo)

In Bono’s opinion, from U2,  (and not only in his opinion), the voice of Leonard Cohen is the most sexy voice of a soul singer. He believes that the song “Tower of Song” in which he can find his feelings also, “ is a masterpiece!“.

During the three hours of the concert, all those who were there, have listen in quite and with big deligh,t the songs like „ Dance Me to the End of Love”, “The Future”, “Bird on the Wire”, “Everybody Knows”, “Who By Fire”, “Darkness” , “Come Healing”, “In My Secret Life”, “Waiting For the Miracle”, “I Can’t Forget”, “Tower of Song”, “Night Comes On”, “Suzanne”, “Heart With No Companion”, “The Gypsy’s Wife”, “Democracy”, “Hallelujah”, “I’m Your Man” and after that, in the applauses,  with smile on his face ( i think), Leonard Cohen went out off the stage,  in a dance, full of humor and optimism.

In the last half an hour of the show, when he sang the bis songs, the people standed  up and started a shy dance, in the rithm…..”till the end of Love”. Because Love for everything was the feeling which was transmitted in this concert and also Respect for everybody around, for his team, in front of which, he took off his hat.

And when Leonard Cohen knelt on the stage, took off his hat and said “ thank you for the privilege and honor to be again here in Romania”, I’m sure that almost all of the 15,000 participants at the show, made ​​a bow in front of this fascinating artist.

Red Hot Chili Peppers “We’ve been waiting for you since ’83” in Romania


RHCP  „ I’m with you”  31.08.2012, Bucharest- Awesome!!!

 the article in romanian

“We’ve been waiting for you since ‘ 83″, this was the message of more than 50.000 of Red Hot Chili Peppers romanian fans that came for the concert in Bucharest.

Red Hot Chili Peppers performed for the first time in Romania, to the joy of tens of thousands of fans, who welcomed them  with warm and enthusiasm.

The tracks of the new album “I’m With You”, all the great hits: “Dani California”, “Can not Stop”, “Scar Tissue”, “Californication”, “By the Way”, “Give It Away” “Monarchy of Roses”, “Under the Bridge” , the professional way the band performed, being able to send their energy from the stage to their public, the warm welcome they were greeted by those more than 50,000 people gathered in the National Arena Bucharest, have made 31.08.2012 evening to be a special one, full of enthusiasm.

When I say warm welcome, I mean not only the applause but the songs sang together with the band, by almost the entire arena ( click on the photo below… example….NICE! )

This fact, created an impressive atmosphere and the band showed, by the way they exprim their thanks, that were also impressed (Flea had tears on his eyes that could be seen on the monitors :) ). And all of this, not only because they are not feeling to be loved worldwide and they are not singing with their fans all tracks but, simply believe that they found in Romania more true fans , more excitement and more ” amaising” atmosphere (as Chad said while throwing the drum sticks to the fans) than they expected to find here.

Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of the most popular alternative rock bands on the planet, who managed ( nearly every year since 1983 when they released their first album ) to reinvent their style and image. They released 10 albums so far and one of the reference is “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” in 1991, which meant, at that time, the introduction of a new sound, different, for the alternative rock world. Their most recent album is “I’m With You”.

It was the first time I’ve been on Bucharest National Arena stadium and I was glad, thinking that finally, there is a good place for this kind of events (with more or less good parts,  but overall, I liked it!).

Red Hot Chili Peppers concert is the first one organised here.

With a capacity of over 50,000 seats, the Bucharest National Arena  was recently completed and was built in the place of the National Stadium (built in 1953).
The first sporting event which was hosted here was the Final of  UEFA Europa League  2012.
Bucharest National Arena  is an UEFA Elite Stadium category (Category 4).

It is also a place for organizing concerts as RHCP (I hope that the technical part was well organized so, there are not too much damage, in order to let other concerts to be organized here), giving  a very good framework, which is very important for the success of this such of event.

The concert organizers have well managed to cope with all the people gathered there.  I suggest only that, the waiting time until the concert starts, could be used in a more useful, effective and educative way by the marketers.

There were many sponsors and corporate companies who have used this opportunity for advertising. But only a part of them have managed to detach with a few actions that could indeed, get results like increasing the brand awareness ( those actions, which were customized for the target of the concert, being in the same time useful to consumers ).

So…. there have been seen and heard from the lawn .

From here, has been also seen very well, that long and red banner that was carried by the fans arms (in a good timing) until it arrived in front of Red Hot Chili Peppers, with the message:

“We’ve been waiting for you since 83” .

Red Hot Chili Peppers  Live in BucharestRed Hot Chili Peppers - Bucharest - Live downloadsIMG_3914
spre concert RHCPIMG_3929


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