Coloana lui Brancusi, besides Infinite is communicating Evolution


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article wrote and published on 12.12.2016

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lighteningToday, when it should be one of the most important day for me, maybe the second after my birthday, the day when I can express the most important liberty right, the right to vote, today I’m writing you again Estate. If you were a King, I’d write you personal.

I’ve written you ago a few times, for Romania’s day, I’ve written regarding Brancusi, I’ve written you with #colectiv…

I’m writing you with disappointment and revolt.

I’ve respected you and I’ve chosen you anytime when I had other options, because I believed that here is my place, I brought value and I represented you well; and I am able to argue.

You don’t help me not at all.

And I think everything is started from the fact that your laws are bad. Because I saw only 3 ilogicals in the first 5 minutes when I took contact with your laws and I realized, your laws are not protecting me.

Your laws are not protecting the right to dignity, your laws are not allowing the coherence in politics, that can give political, economical, social stability and chances for concentration, for relevant projects, for results.

Justice doesn’t mean only to fill the prisons. Justice means the laws that allow the dignity and the humans rights protection.

Your laws facilitate the abuses because your laws generate fear. Worst enemy of the faith, friendship, love, of the human integrity. Because the fear, generates cowardice.

I don’t want my children to grow up and  develop in this environment.

Your laws, I don’t think that respect the European Convention.

Your laws didn’t protect my rights, they took from my rights and in this way, materialy, they took from me almost everything.

And because the Universe, the experiences, the knowledges, the abilities that I have, for that you stay indifferent made me to think a few innovative projects, that might be solutions to important problems with that this country is facing, with argued benefits for the country, for people, for young people, for retirees:

~Project in education with fast results in growing the level of the concentration, the relevant and useful knowledges accumulated in schools, the level of the hope for a preparation focused on the own performance achievement for the young people

~Project regarding the taxes for health, unemployment, pensions, with benefits for the employers, for the employees, for the health system, assurance system, for the estate and with a responsible side on the #GlobalGoals direction

~Project regarding the taxes for the old cars and the pollution reduction, project with environmental direction

~Project in environment through valuing valuable resources and elimination of losses

~Project in creating an institution that have like goals the creation and implementation of the projects with results in growing up the happiness level for people, already considered in many countries, an social welfare indicator and with #GlobalGoals objectives, enrolled in #ParisAgreement

I SELL them to you, Estate.

And I think that from up, from somewhere, at least Brancusi, the most important and international recognized symbol of Romania, is with me.

Because I think that Coloana lui Brancusi, besides Infinite, is communicating Evolution

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The Paralympic Games, London 2012


 the romanian version

But when we meet during a competition, performance is the only thing that matters. Not the disability.” Heinrich Popow, a Paralympic athlete from Germany competing mainly in category T42 sprint events

Stadionul Olimpic- paralimpics

Yesterday night was the final day of  The Paralympic Games London 2012,  attended by 4200 athletes from 110 countries. The day was ended with a closing ceremony in which The Olympic Stadium exploded into lights and colors headlined by Coldplay.

Sebastian Coe, the chairman of the Organizing Comitee said that, there were sold more than 2.7 million tickets, with an unprecedented demand.

Carol Eduard Novak

Romania was represented in London by six athletes, who deserve all our respect: Florin Cojoc athlet, cyclists Eduard Novak –our paralumpic champion,with one gold medal and one silver and Imre Torok, swimmers Samuel Ciorap si Naomi Ciorap and Dacian Makszin, table tennis player.

My attention was focused on an interview that truly defines the Olympism, made by Allianz, The Official Partner of the International Paralympic Comitee  ( super ideea!) ; a deep interview and lesson about courage, hope, competition, patriotism, joy from simple things, about what really matters in life.

paralympic marathon


Here are the answers of some paralympic athlets, simple answers  but which say a lot:

Heinrich Popow

Do you have a personal motto in life or sports?

I do not want to pretend to be something I am not. My personal motto for now, for the Paralympics in London an afterwards is: Seize the challenge. That is what I like. That’s me.

What would be your advice for other athletes?

You have to believe into yourself. Set yourself goals and accept yourself how you are, in sport and in life. It is also good to know that life is not only about first places.

What is important for you about sport?

Sport means everything to me. Right now, I live for my sport. I can test my body and sometimes go beyond it can manage. I have the chance to get to know a lot of other people, to make friends and to compete against them.

What is special for your about athletics?

I think only others believe it is sepcial. I want to reach my goals. I think that makes all athletes the same. We always want to win. It does not really matter how many legs or arms the athelte has. In sports, my performance should be most important.

Kelly Cartwright

What is your aim in the future?

My aim is to represent my country for as long as I can and do my best, to make sure I get the most out of life and be happy and healthy with a great family.

What is important for you about sport in general? What do you get out of it?

Sport is such a big part of my life and it gives me the chance to keep fit as well as competing for my country. Sport also gives me something to focus on and keeps my mind and body healthy. I get a lot out of sport but mainly the chance to meet people and do something I love.

What would be your advice to other people?

To advance in life you need to believe in yourself and you need to set goals for yourself. Push yourself because you can achieve anything in life if you put your mind to it.

Do you have a personal motto in life and in sport?

My personal maxim is to always do my best and try my hardest at everything. I want to be the best at what I do, in sport and life.

 Mark Rohan

What is important for you about sport in general?

I think sport teaches us important lessons in life from an early age. I grew up with team sports where you have to learn the importance of team work, patience, discipline and hard work, which are all important life skills. You also build relationships that will last a lifetime in sport, be it weekend football, amateur basketball or elite full time sport.

What would be your advice as Paralympic athlete for other people to advance in life?

Always put things in perspective, family, friends and your health are the most important things in life. People waste too much energy in traffic jams, on Facebook and the pursuing the material things in life. If you wish to pursue a career you should find something you love to do and believe in what you do.

What is the uniqueness of your sport?

The sense of freedom I feel when I use a handbike is what keeps me training 3-4 hours a day. Having played able-bodied field sports first and then wheelchair sports, nothing beats the fresh air and great workout you get when you head of into the countryside for a couple of hours.

Do you have a personal motto in life and in sport?

I hope to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. I always aim to develop as a person so I can make a positive contribution to society and hopefully improve the areas I work in.

What would be your advice to other athletes?

Firstly you have to enjoy what you do, if you find a sport that inspires you I would write down on paper your annual goals, then try and surround yourself with people that can help you achieve these goals. Finally, belief and hard work is the only way you will achieve those goals, do the simple things right and you may surprise yourself.

What is your aim in the future?

My immediate aim is to represent myself and my country in the best light possible at the London Paralympic Games. After the Games I hope to move to the US for a couple of years to further my education in Sports Management and gain some experience in sports development in many different sports.

paralympic marathon 2Eduard Novak

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The Olympic Games London 2012 and Evanghelie Zappa (Evangelos Zappas)


The Olympic Games London 2012 – Inspire a generation – the most important event of the year

The Olimpic Games

the article in romanian

The Olympic Games London 2012, were closed as well as were opened, with a valuable show, full of content: light, colours, music, history, culture, moving, tradition, non-conformism, symbols, wery well comunicating, thorugh all of these, energy, optimism, hope. Big congratulations to the organizers!

The romanian athletes, the entire romanian delegation and all of us who sustained them all these days, have to go forward with these feelings. But this support should continue from now on and to happen not only with our souls but with our actions, as much as we can, each of us. And this is for growing up the athletes’s chances to be better at the next competitions and to obtain better results at the Olympic Games in Rio.

And if overall, the romanian athletes’s results at the Olympic Games London 2012 were not at the desired level, we cannot be other than proud of those who lighted in the shining medals and to congratulate all those who participated, with a big respect.

Here is another reason of proud and an example worthy of being followed:

Evanghelie Zappa ( Evangelos Zappas), the businessman of Greek origin, having also Romanian citizenship, one of the richest businessmen in those days in Eastern Europe, initiated and sponsored in1859 the revive of the Olympic Games, laying in this way, the foundations of the  modern Olympic Games.


„Had it not been Zappas, the Athens Games of 1896 surely would not have taken place.

Zappas’s actions, his will and the previous tradition of Zappas Olympic Games had made Constantine I ( Crown Prince of Greece) an advocate of Olympic Games before the formation of the IOC  ( International Olympic Comitee) in 1894…….” noted Proffesor David C. Young, University of Florida

Known in Greece like „ national benefactor”, Evangelis Zappas gave a pure, humanitarian sense to his wealth:  he sponsored the restoration of the Panatheniac Stadium,  that would host the modern Olympic Games, when he was at Brosteni – Ialomita, Romania, he designed a complex of buildings, stadium, auditorium, conference rooms, gyms which now stands in the center of Athens, holding his name, Zappeion.

In Romania, Evanghelie Zappa, which Peter Tutea consider that belongs to “absolute Romanians“, made ​​many charitable acts and provided funds for the establishment of the Romanian Academy and rebuilding the capital Bucharest, devastated by a great fire. He chose to live among the Romanians, appreciating them for their cultural and spiritual qualities, “Romanians, worthy to be loved, not to put it more with voice feelings of gratitude and love that my heart is ful,l as to reward these great virtues yours, virtues that also, by dignity, you deserve “are Zappa’s testimony from the book” Trantor “, Bucharest, writed in romanian and greek languages ( Nicolae Postolache –  he wrote also “ Evanghelie Zappa. From Brosteni to Atena. European highlights. “  2004 Tipp Star Publishing

Sandra Raluca Izbasa

And would have much to say, but I conclude this article with the V.A. Ureche said:  “A nation that aspires to live, has to be able to remember ….”

It’s good that we have what to remember, it’s good what we can be proud of.  So, these could be the premises that the athletes hopes, to achieve much better performance at the Olympic Games in Rio, in 2016, to become true


google doodle olympic 1896~ update, content April 2016

VA Ureche ” A nation that aspires to live, has to remember”

~I think that the nation that aspires to live has to remember but the most important, has to build the fitted set of values, to have them like highlights into the state of relativity

~The nation that aspires to evolve, I think, has to be open to arrive to take from the past, what is representative, what it makes well and what is fitted, and having a good set of values like highlights, to apply into the present, for the future

*For me, the present is part of the past that I like and that is fitted to me and the future that I wish





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The Olympic Games – the most powerfull brand


olimpyc flag

the article in romanian

The Olympic Games London 2012 – Inspire a generation – the most important event of the year


Tenacity, determination and optimism are the most important traits that describing the participating athletes and that, in these days when the London Olympics take place, are brought to the scale of values.

The joy comes from the fact that thanks those involved directly in supporting, organizing the event (organizers, partners, sponsors, etc..) and thanks Mass Media, New Media, increasingly many of those who participate as mere supporters of the athletes, resonates to these values. And online environment, Social Media  has an essential role in understanding and analyzing this feedback.

The Olympic Games values ​​are expressed through symbols and are meant to inspire new generations:

  • The Olympic Flame – called also “sacred flame” is lit by sunlight, in Greece, in the ancient city of Olympia (the place where the Olympic Games have been organized in ancient) and is worn by athletes, by relay till the host city; it burns throughout the event.
  • The motto titled by Pierre de Coubertin, the one who started the modern Olympic Games ( 1896): „Citius, Altius, Fortius” , „ Faster, higher, stronger”
  • The Olympic Order, awarded to personalities who have made an important contribution to the Olympic Games, is represented by a string consisting of the Olympic rings, crowned by the olive branch (“kotinos” – olive branch that was placed on the head of the winners during the ancient Olympic Games).

It seems that till now, Nadia Comaneci is the only sports personality who was awarded the Olympic Order two times ( in 1984 and in 2004)

  • Those 3 values which underlying the organization of the Olympic Games : sports, environment and culture.
  • The Olympic rings, the 5 colored circles, chained, representing the 5 continents joined by the meeting and competing of the athletes around the world. “The six colors (blue, yellow, black, green and red, including the white background) represent all nations, without exception …..” (Pierre de Coubertin)

The Olympic rings, “the international symbol of peace and friendshipas he considers Pierre de Coubertin, have become the most recognizable symbol in the world and the Olympic Games, the most powerful brand at this time.

For all of this, I gladly dedicate the first page of my blog to this event.

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