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cub2Than, when in a person’s life, in the society, in the world, the things are tangled, very tangled, that it seems to be no way to untangle them; it seems that, as much as you want to untangle them, during you „ play” how good you can in the game of life, as much as they become more tangled.

Actually, there are solutions!!

*Some people, had the discernment to learn the solving from others and they are applying them with results

*Other people, are using their intuition

I’ve learnt at the Faculty of Cybernetics that, the system represents a connection of elements that must function with efficiency and efficacy together, being needed to be in link with other systems, to form dynamical networks, etc

From life, I’ve recently understood that the system can be compared with an Rubik Cube

The solve of the problems, of the situations, no matter how tough they are, can be done, but only if the ~cube~ is unblocked!

When the ~cube~, respectively, a system, is blocked, to unblock it, is the priority,

In order to start to move and to permit a systemical, cybernetical evolution, for a better future and for a better world!! #MakeABetterWorld

*One of my recent experiences from my life, that is the base of the conclusion above mentioned

Interference with the juridical system in Romania

  1. I received the Court Decision regarding the Unblocking, being unfavorable
  2. I’ve asked the unblocking of my bank accounts, of my financial and fiscal life, consequently in professional life
  3. The banking accounts blocked from 5 years ago for taxes for 2 cars
  4. Cars that couldn’t been sold because at that moment, the fees for the car registration on sell, have been much more higher than the cars prices
  5. I’ve sold the cars, I’ve paid the fees but it rested an amount, that I didn’t know about! I’ve verified and I’ve demonstrated that this amount has been paid!
  6. The bank accounts remained blocked, with with notifications sent to the companies where I had shares
  7. They told that the unblocking can be done only with a Court Decision
  8. I had to request in Court the bank accounts unblocking, bringing all the argues and demonstration
  9. The Court decision in unfavorable with the reason of lateness and like any court decisions, it gives 10 days for appeal, even the envelope with the decision arrived one month later!
  10. Anyone who is reading the court decision, is reading fear

Immediate conclusions that can sustain a change in approaching the profession

#MakeAChange #MakeABetter World

The judges are named to make Justice, to analyse the cases in their uniqueness and to give correct verdicts applying the law!

They are saying they are applying the law, and put everyone and all the cases, on the same pot!

In order the law to be applied, is not necessary that, a person to ask his/her rights in justice and to open process! The law, need to be respected and applied! Therefore, the laws have to exist and to be correct!

For knowing the law, there are lawyers that can help to defense of rights, consultants or you can apply for a newsletter!

The judges, those that it seems that have to know the law, those that have the big responsibility, like people destinies, they need first of all:

1. Logic

2. Conscience

3. Attitude „customer oriented” like in marketing~ because people are their clients

#MakeAChange for #PeopleHappinessLevel , for #Sustainability, to #MakeABetterWorld


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#LoveForNature? Responsibility? Sustainability? Need of Money? All these together!


the article in romanian

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IMG_29922IMG_1269 2

Image-1Using all the actives from the present on the way towards the wanted future, last year 2017, have been resulted a few achievements, that I would like to specify in the rows of this blog.

And this is because these achievements in  7 months, had like base novel actions for me, with determination, perseverance and quality; and even if the important determination came from the financial needs, the results have been significant, over expectations.

„Quality means doing products, services, well, when no one is looking” Henry Ford

in the article: What means happiness to you?

Than when was difficult and appeared that I will be overcome, it helped me the conscious and additional energy that I’ve been added through the respect for an investment that was supposed to produce, for the beneficiaries of my work, for the money; and helped me a lot the Nature, that I cherish it and I see it like a representation of the divine energy.

2IMG_1723It was a test for me, that I admit, I didn’t want it. But was a novel test of skill, physical force, organization, speed, attention on the details, passion for taste and originality, finding technical, logical solutions that solve problems with low costs.

These, combining with a good relationship with customers, with online services providers and with finding the efficient communication environments, had to drive to the conclusion that, in 7 months, my work, time and energy allocated in this direction, into a more complex context of activities, to arrive to be with rentability. Besides rentability, I had the satisfaction that the beneficiaries liked their holiday, the satisfaction of the sustainability and an important Award, in a domain where I hadn’t experience till now, tourism, accommodation.

Having the property in Mara, with 2 old authentic houses from Maramures, having over 120 years

IMG_8825 - Copy

Reassembled and arranged with responsibility for tradition and respect for comfort, I decided to try to rent them

IMG_1373 2

The Nature represents the most important asset through beauty, wealth, air

2378973 Guests Review Awards 2017 Bookingcom

The way of online presentation of the property, keeping with professionalism the relation with the guests, especially on, brought, after 7 months of partnership, an important recognition: Guest Review Awards 2017 on

„Hospitality isn’t a job, it’s a vocation and we thought that deserved to be celebrated in a big way;

Guest Review Awards are for properties that give consistency, great #guestexperiences ”

IMG_2291The Nature this year, very generous with wild forest fruits and especially with old plums

IMG_2947IMG_2510I’ve picked up fruits, every day during a few weeks

IMG_23312IMG_2926I made Confiture, 100% Natural, with 98% fruits, good, healthy, a few hundred jars

*The Confiture with old plums +Brown Sugar + Mint, a personal receipt that, besides is good and healthy, has digestive properties, through metabolism regulation

2IMG_25632image1 (9)I’ve decided to sell the Confiture, and I’ve presented in a few places in Maramures and online, through a partnership with 

IMG_3014Till Christmas inclusive, the majority of the Confiture jars with forest fruits and old plums have been sold

Thank YouI want to thank again to all those that have been guests at TheOldHouses in Mara, to all those that have been accepted the Partnerships and to all those that have been bought the Confiture

There are a few more Confiture jars with old plums, raspberry, wild cranberry and I’ve made new Confiture with bio orange; all these can be bought on or with an email: 



IMG_1252 2IMG_1367 2IMG_1369

IMG_2099IMG_2097IMG_2108IMG_1905 fusionIMG_0104 22IMG_1725IMG_17162IMG_27972IMG_274822IMG_25542IMG_2541IMG_2393IMG_2515IMG_9002IMG_2508 (2)IMG_2992 

IMG_1532 view

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The „shining pearls ” for creating content


The „shining pearls ”  for creating content

Creating Good Content Can Help To #MakeABetterWorld


*When in the article you have interesting title and subject to SHARE, it is not necessary to add storytelling. Present the subject in a STORYTELLING, when you choose, you want entire format to be a storytelling

*When you present products and services, focus on the BENEFITS for the clients

*Insert LINKS in your article, to another interesting and valuable content

* The CONTENT now, means words, photos, movies, everything you are communicating through;

~Communicate through the content: feelings, thinkings, opinions BUT make it valuable, RELEVANT for those who arrive to read it

*To give chances to your articles to be appreciated in time, you need to be AUTHENTICAL
deep sea google

~In my understanding, AUTHENTICAL means that your style, your aTtitude, your values should be recognized everywhere you are communicating; speaking about online, on every social media, even you are personalizing your presence and even you change the profile photo

*On the internet, most of the content is FREE to read; Mark the quotes from other sources; Give REFERENCES to the sources, companies, people, that in a way, had an important contribution

*Take TIME to open and read the others articles

*Include into the article a traditional part, with VINTAGE BREEZE; #fashionable

About copywriter and content

Structuring the copywriting

fruits content
Now, the copywriter is a very general term ; Let’s consider that the copywriters write content.
On this way, the copywriters could be:
* those who are relating about facts, events, news… we can call them content editors

* those who are writing content about companies, products and services, brands…being able to make a difference, to present the advantages, to arrive to the clients, generating sales, brand awarness…we can call them content marketers

* Those who create content, being able to transmit new ideas, concepts, feelings, benefits, opinions…we can call them content creators

Considering that the copywriters are creating content, the content creators have a very important role, and we can say…

The content creating could be an art…the art to manage the words, images, videos, being able to transmit ideas, feelings, concepts, benefits, relates…through an appropriate content, that those who are accessing, to consider that is relevant, useful, nice, valuable, and the content creator…the artist...

part of this article content, I’ve written at the call to contest

Creating Good Content Can Help To #MakeABetterWorld

riding PinterestOn the content waves…

Exemple :

Twitter: Guerrilla Marketing Tools, “Top 10 tools to improve Content Strategy” 

Facebook: HappyTimes, “Historic Climate Change Agreement Adopted In Paris”

LinkedIn: Set in Space, the LinkedIn first TV spot #CloserThanYouThink

YouTube: Viral Video UK: World Record attempt in Skydiving Formation 

A content about almost every Social Media, I made in 2011;


cherryedHearty Concept




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About friendship on the #friendsday


About friendship on the #friendsday 

article in romanian

peonies fbThe friendships have uniqueness, depending on the every ingredient’s quantity we are able to give.

The friendship ingredients could be:

~to feel well being together with your friends; to give respect to the friend’s personality, opinions, privacy; to have close ways to see the things around, the life’s meaning; to be active at the friend’s needs, requests, to put value on them, to prioritize them; to be open and exprim clear the opinions; to not try to make the friend to be like you;  be yourself; to be happy for the friend happiness; to have courage to have personal attitude in front of the challenging, with no influences that determine your position; feel and think; to not looking for the perfection;

*Friendship cannot exist without open heart; that means a kind of love

*The valuable friendship needs reciprocity, with action and reaction

*Love, friendship, gave unconditionaly, the most valuable, exist, but at the very high level

Generally, between levels, we are moving our lives, depending on how much we are able to give from our feelings, respect, help, attention, personalized opinions, prioritization; how much we are able to try to understand and to believe on the friend’s dreams, abilities, especially when the life challenged.

@coffee 2On social media, we are presenting ourselves, we are making connections, we are communicating; every social media has its role, and there are links between them, created through the same people.

I think Facebook arrived to be the place where can be built premises for valuable connections and can be created the base for our presentation on the other social media places;

~Because Facebook arrived to be the place where could be kept alive an important part of the valuable friendship ingredients

I have written a comment on LinkedIn regarding the content posted on social media, that means what is writing, photo, video; on social media we are not building ROI, we could build confidence, awarness, connection.

That’s why, we need an attitude to read, think, feel, like, share, give our opinion, to build relevancy to the content.

In a retweet I wrote that Twitter is a place where world of people can follow the ideea that the world can be better.

owl 2The connections between people, could make a lot of good things to happen; as much as people understand the changes that are now needed individually, into the society, as much as the connections between them, give believes that there are chances for a better world.

Hearty Concept


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About the change, in Romania National Day


Romanian National Day

the article in romanian

I’ve asked my son Lucas, 6 years old:

What is the difference between joy and happiness?

Because his answer when I have downloaded him a game that he wanted very much was that he is full of joy and happy


*The joy is when we are glad, with smiles on our faces

*The happiness is when it is better

For Romania, to be happy and  full of joy , it needs to not rounded anymore slowly, tiring, with despondency, in a circle from many years old.

In order to evoluate, Romania needs to change.

Besides the natural beauties and treasures, received like gifts, Romania needs to mean people; needs to mean collective feeling, collective thinking and a good communication of what it is usefull, relevant and valuable.


The change involves the construction of a good sets of values, I named them olympic values or olympism values: respect, dignity, faith, open heart, determination, tenacity, optimism, energy, teamplay

These values needs to function like highlights.

This collective set of values could tell it, is forming through regaining the trust.

And I am not referring now to the people trust in other people that are governing them, but to the trust into the results that people arrived to see around them and into them lives.

Seeing that it is possible, people could arrive to change to themselves what they arrive to understand that could be necessary


This trust can be constructed through a few well defined directions, here are those that I consider now priorities:

~the concentration on the young generation, the priorities on fitted and efficient educational and learning programmes

The young generation is our future, they are adapting, they wish to live in a better world, they are connected, they are intelligent, with open hearts;

We need to help them to find their direction on their life, to create chances for them, to create reasons to be happy

We need to listen them, to give them credibility and to learn things that we have to make, into the present for the future

~collaboration between estate and the micro and macro business environment, its development sustain; the estate and the business environment should function like an entire

~prioritization with focus on quality, efficiency, efficacy, results that can generate resources

~concentration on value, quality, things that make the difference and communicate them in an organised, adequate way  

~opening to valuable people, to innovative ideas, to leadership, to people that want and that are able to participate, to be involved, to help through knowhow, knowledge, vision

cybernetics 2

The things need to move fast, the results need to be seen in short time.

The time became a resource more and more precious.

We need to try to make that our children not be another sacrificed generation. 


Romania has to define its international position, to take attitude to the global situations, to offer real support and to propose relevant, argued solutions that can produce fast results.

Romania shown that it is possible, into the history, when during a few years, became the European granary having the capital in Bucharest, a cosmopolitan city, named The Small Paris. Today, there are valuable people, part of them well known, others not known, that can be involved and to give support. The tragic event #colectiv, has been created an unprecedented action, when people sorted on the street, without leaders and organization, together with their children, showing that they want a better and a safer life.

cybernetics 6

In crisis situations, not the adaptability degree is the most important thing, but, the most important are the reaction capacity, to take the best decisions, in short time, with limited resources, taking into the consideration the people; the creation of the contingency plans; the demanded support, the received support and the preparation to give support, forward.

During all this time, the hope need to be fed and this thing are making with faith, open heart, fitted communication and with measuring the results.



During theses days, in Paris takes place the #COP21 meeting, Conferences of the Parties, where the world’s leaders, political, business, science people, are proposing concrete solutions for the stringent problems that the humanity needs to face on, about peace, about the global warming.

Romania should be there, with valuable and reliable solutions.

Hearty ConceptI offer my knowledge, experiences, aptitudes, to come with reliable solutions that can bring fast results, through Hearty Concept; I wish these projects like ~The young generation is our future~ to become to be implemented.

I would like that the affirmation ” My job is to make tomorrow’s world better” Steve Rogers #MarvelMondayMotivation, to find its place more evident in Romania, because it represents a way to think that could create the premises for the change that is needed…


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A day of youth, a responsibility for the young adults through sport, a nonformal educational day


romanian language article 

article wrote and published on 20.10.2014 

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Friday, 10.10.2014, a youth, a responsibility for the young adults, a non formal education day During 2 hours, from 12 to 14 o’clock, when we arrived to braid the sport, music, interactivity, the openness...we tried to spend nice the signification of this day, at National College of Art Octav Bancila, Iasi.

I think that nonformal requires commitment, responsibility, new ideas…When it is seen like an enhancer for the good elements brought by the formal and welcomed with openness, it can make a change.

The sport was the main element of the activity because, I think the sport is one of the most important activity that can stay at the foundation of our development. The reason or at least one of the reasons, could be that, once we include the sport in our lives, it can enhance the good parts of our daily activities.


At the National College of Art Octav Bancila, Iasi, that has the name of the painter Octav Bancila ( 1872 – 1944) and where the tradition is combining with the performance, we found the doors opened for the sport.

Here, teachers and pupils, `would like ” to be masters” through the appreciation of the initiative, through the development of the creative potential, combining the theoretical training with arts`.

The directors of the College, received with empathy the proposal: ” for the pupils of this school, who are dedicating more part of the time to the artistic activities like painting, music, drawing, the sport is very beneficial”

The sport teachers have been participated at the activity, being  happy when we talked about the sport. They were also happy to see the youngs accepted with enthusiasm the activity, resonated with the sport, music and joy.

It had to be sport, to be joy, to be accepted by the young people…

Sport and music, the dance elements, the aerobic elements on the music...were a good choice for this activity.

The Moving Club Iasi, along with the zumba trainers,  showed openness and responded with professionalism at this proposal.

The first few minutes have been conducted in an interactive framework, when we have talked about the sport benefits, about the sports that they are practicing...we found opinions about what means and what implies the performance, what means the competition, what are the most admired qualities of the athletes that are making performance, which are the sport values, what have in common the sport, music, art…

A conclusion, drawn with a  part of the things we have talked about, could be:

* the sports, like music, art, is a form of expression for the own values…

* the sport benefits are related with the aesthetical part, the healthy part, relaxation, a hobby practicing, the socialization, the approach to the equlibrum with yourself and with the others

* the performance could be the attempt, the wish to be better and better on your daily activities, to do with pleasure what you do, besides what you have to do, to achieve your performance, to enjoy every and each achievement

* for the competition, it is important to be in competition with yourself first, to know your values; it is also very important the competition framework that has to be a correct, a fitted one

*the athletes who are making performance skills, are brought to the level of values in a competition like olympic games, when we can speak about the olympic values: determination, tenacity, teamwork, respect, fairplay, energy, faith, optimism

The appreciation of the pupils and teachers and there wishes to repeat these kind of activities, brought thankful to those who have been involved and I think that all of these, could be premises for other responsible activities for young generation.




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Christmas TEA & Social Responsibility (english)


 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events

the article in romanian

During the 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Event organized in december,18.12.2012, at IBIS Hotel, Bucharest we gave START  for THE OLYMPICS.

THE OLYMPICS is the Hearty Concept responsibility program, having likeobjective to support sports activities and also to support the implementation of the Olympism values ​​into the society.

While I was watching the Olympics London 2012, Inspire a generation … these inspired me.

3 reasons for THE OLYMPICS program’s birth:

The Olympism is a concept of culture, with an universality character, which has in the foreground people and the human condition; the Olympism is seen as a factor that bring people together, across political, religious options.

It has established itself throughout history, through a set of values, the most important being: the respect and the dignity.

* the respect for the opponent, considered as race partner, the relationships promoted being the partnerships, the associations

* Dignity, modesty in the victory and serenity in the defeat

All of these are the basis of the concept of fair play, “the essence of sport, the most valuable asset of its,the quintessential correctness” – Gabriela Costiu sports trainers. In her post “Olympism and fair play”, I found some ideas about the olympism that I like and I  present them further, in a few words.

<Because of these values, the olympism ​​exceeded the boundaries of the sports, reaching to influence other various fields,which they put in a high value light (economics, art, science).

The Olympism concept highlights the sport as a powerful educational factor, which has like aim the improvement of the human being in all its complexity; therefore, the sport has to be perceived like serving the human development and the construction of an advanced human society.

The Sport, with a millenary history, continuously enriching but maintaining in the meantime the traditions, facilitates the interpersonal relationships by promoting the values ​​such as:  respect, solidarity, friendship, determination, perseverance, team spirit.

The Olympism is culture, to the extent that the performance in any activity, represent the creation, because it involves the discovery of human resources availability, which are capitalizing at them best.>

All those who rich performance in their fields, represent models, especially for the children and young people, and we, the adults, have a moral duty to contribute to highlighting and supporting such models and the development of the Olympic spirit, in general, with all its values.

These values ​​are found between the Hearty Concept values and from this fact, arise the wish to promote the olympism and the idea for THE OLYMPICS, the social responsibility program that we started on 18.12.2012, at the Christmas TEA & Social Responsibility Event, at IBIS Hotel, Bucharest.

The introduction for what the social responsibility means was made by Luminita Oprea, the author of the first books in Romania on CSR topics – “CSR Vector” (focused on stakeholder engagement), 2011, „CSR – from theory to practice”, 2005

One of the promotor of this concept in Romania, Luminita, is teaching the students of the Faculty of Jurnalism and the Communication Science the CSR, trying to rise in them, in the meantime, the personal responsibility.

 « I will continue to do this, by being an essential information and motivational resource, through the natural gifts that were given to me, for people who seek to better know themselves, in all walks of life».

The social responsibility programs are more than philanthropy, as yet perceived by some people/companies.

A social responsibility program has a goal that can be achieved through several projects with SMART objectives, with social impact and is a program that is developing over time, becoming tradition.

Therefore,  the 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock event organized in December 2012, is a framework where the  tradition of Christmas songs was braided with the social responsibility and with the millennial tradition of tea.

The friends from Livada cu ceai … ( The orchard with tea…) were present.

We were delighted with exciting stories about the history and tradition of tea and a demonstration of Matcha tea ritual.

In the Livada cu ceai shops, we find rare teas, fruit blends voluptuous flowers and tea, fine porcelain, goods meant to delight our soul in moments of escape from everyday worries. Moreover, where we always feel guests not only clients and where the hosts know how to add, to each box of tea, a story.

Livada cu ceai is above all, a concept itself, “a place of story, loved by all those seeking a healthy and beautiful phenomenon, which comes from the east and can be placed in a cup with love light, to enjoy our romanian souls,  lovers of story, poetry, beautiful and trendy things. “

All of us, wish tradition for the social responsibility concept and for THE OLYMPICS program, enjoying a Christmas TEA, in an atmosphere with Christmas songs … for a good luck!!!!




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5 O’CLOCK @ 6 O’CLOCK, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events ( english)


the article in romanian


Ikebana & Business Networking: simplicity, balance, elegance, harmony

Lifestyle & Business Casual Event, November 2012, Bucharest

On November 15, 2012, through Hearty Concept, I have launched the project 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events format.

I have created 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events an Event Concept that propose a business casual framework for workshops on various topics of personal development and business development, combined with lifestyle related topics.

The purpose of organizing an event in this format is to help us, to armonious braid our professional life with what we like and what we want to do in our particular life.
This blend is actually trying to find a balance between professional part of our life, family, friends, hobbies and aspirations.

Sanda Lazur - Ikebana

Readers CafeWhen we manage to perform in our professional activity, finding those elements that we like and that we can, along knowhow and experience, to put a bit of passion, we can be more efficient, responsible and last but not least, creative.
The results will be different
, because, besides the material results, it is about the job satisfaction, the motivation, recognizing the value; the value that exists in each of us.

The air of the event is completed with the location where it takes place, a place chosen to create a nice and relaxing atmosphere.

The theme of the first event that took place on 15.11.2012 at Readers Cafe, Bucharest Metropolis Center, was:

Ikebana & Business Networking: simplicity, balance, elegance, harmony

Ikebana, the way of flowers

Ikebana, “the way of flowers”,  because, in addition to the beautiful natural arrangements that give a good feeling watching them, Ikebana means keeping touch with nature, a cult for beauty.

Business Networking, because when it is done in a professional manner, increases premises for business development or achieving personal aspirations.

The event was attended by entrepreneurs, from different domains of activity, in collaboration with IEBN, European Institute of Business Networking, that made a demonstration of business networking with enthusiasm and fun practical activities. 

Mrs Sanda Lazur, professor and expert in Ikebana was continued the wellbeing: “the goal of this art is to find the calm and the spiritual focus, as you find your way, the way to yourself”.


After that, the event was dedicated to business networking, with a background of very nice live music, Andrei Neagu delighted us, in a pleasant atmosphere provided of the Readers Cafe and dotted with flower arrangements, like in an Ikebana of wellbeing.


Because the Value has to be the foundation for every events and for every element regarding the business / casual workshopsHearty Concept intent to organise 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events to provide a suitable framework for quality networking, for brand awarness and personal branding, for promoting values ​​/ talents.


Hearty ConceptHearty ConceptHearty ConceptHearty ConceptHearty Concept




Hearty Concept
Hearty Concept


Hearty Concept


Hearty ConceptHearty Concept


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