A trip in Chalkidiki, Greece, for a few days, lets your spirit to rise


chalkidiki blueA trip in Chalkidiki, Greece, for a few days, to clean your eyes, relax your mind, fill your energy with the breeze, let your spirit to rise.

In Thessaloniki, I found the very chill way to drive in a city, arriving from every roads straight near the sea;  I’ve discovered a Greek Chocolateria Shop Esteria with super good chocolate and where I was impresed about the road oranged with full orange trees.

From Thessaloniki to Polygyros the municipality city, to Porto Carras where has been presented first time new EU Constitution at EU Summit , there is Chalkidiki, Aristotel  birthplace, where he wrote about „happiness like ultimate purpose of humanity existance”.

The peninsula Chalkidiki with olive trees and full of history  has 3 fingers: Kassandra, more commercial, with vibrant life nights during summer season, Sithonia, more wild with green pin forest, that gives one of the most good honey, beaches with sand and blue waters where the dolphins like to come  and the sacre religious Athos.

In this a few days trip, you can find nice places where you want to stay , to enjoy, to visit, to meet nice greek people, good fresh healthy food, when you will come again…..

chalkidiki blue

chalkidiki pins & clear water

Greece Chalkidiki Sithonia

Sithonia Blue Greece


chalkidiki map google

Chalkidiki Map

stagira google

Sageira’s Aristotel

Sithonia Chalkidiki Greece

palm & olive trees in Sithonia Chalkidiki

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A day of youth, a responsibility for the young adults through sport, a nonformal educational day


romanian language article 

article wrote and published on 20.10.2014 

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Friday, 10.10.2014, a youth, a responsibility for the young adults, a non formal education day During 2 hours, from 12 to 14 o’clock, when we arrived to braid the sport, music, interactivity, the openness...we tried to spend nice the signification of this day, at National College of Art Octav Bancila, Iasi.

I think that nonformal requires commitment, responsibility, new ideas…When it is seen like an enhancer for the good elements brought by the formal and welcomed with openness, it can make a change.

The sport was the main element of the activity because, I think the sport is one of the most important activity that can stay at the foundation of our development. The reason or at least one of the reasons, could be that, once we include the sport in our lives, it can enhance the good parts of our daily activities.


At the National College of Art Octav Bancila, Iasi, that has the name of the painter Octav Bancila ( 1872 – 1944) and where the tradition is combining with the performance, we found the doors opened for the sport.

Here, teachers and pupils, `would like ” to be masters” through the appreciation of the initiative, through the development of the creative potential, combining the theoretical training with arts`.

The directors of the College, received with empathy the proposal: ” for the pupils of this school, who are dedicating more part of the time to the artistic activities like painting, music, drawing, the sport is very beneficial”

The sport teachers have been participated at the activity, being  happy when we talked about the sport. They were also happy to see the youngs accepted with enthusiasm the activity, resonated with the sport, music and joy.

It had to be sport, to be joy, to be accepted by the young people…

Sport and music, the dance elements, the aerobic elements on the music...were a good choice for this activity.

The Moving Club Iasi, along with the zumba trainers,  showed openness and responded with professionalism at this proposal.

The first few minutes have been conducted in an interactive framework, when we have talked about the sport benefits, about the sports that they are practicing...we found opinions about what means and what implies the performance, what means the competition, what are the most admired qualities of the athletes that are making performance, which are the sport values, what have in common the sport, music, art…

A conclusion, drawn with a  part of the things we have talked about, could be:

* the sports, like music, art, is a form of expression for the own values…

* the sport benefits are related with the aesthetical part, the healthy part, relaxation, a hobby practicing, the socialization, the approach to the equlibrum with yourself and with the others

* the performance could be the attempt, the wish to be better and better on your daily activities, to do with pleasure what you do, besides what you have to do, to achieve your performance, to enjoy every and each achievement

* for the competition, it is important to be in competition with yourself first, to know your values; it is also very important the competition framework that has to be a correct, a fitted one

*the athletes who are making performance skills, are brought to the level of values in a competition like olympic games, when we can speak about the olympic values: determination, tenacity, teamwork, respect, fairplay, energy, faith, optimism

The appreciation of the pupils and teachers and there wishes to repeat these kind of activities, brought thankful to those who have been involved and I think that all of these, could be premises for other responsible activities for young generation.




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Weekend cu sarbatori


article in english

Aflandu-ma cu fiul meu la parada organizata pentru ziua nationala a Romaniei, am avut senzatia ca este o sarbatoare destinata copiilor, cum dealtfel si eu ma aflam acolo, in primul rand, sa-i fac o bucurie copilului. A fost peste asteptari sa vad atat de multa lume si in primul rand atat de multi copii.

Pentru fiul meu, intreaga parada a fost un prilej de uimire si bucurie. Pentru mine, bucuria a fost bucuria lui si a mai fost ceva. A fost o stare de optimism care plutea in aer datorita acelor copii adunati acolo, care senini si cu ganduri pure, ne creditau pe noi, adultii, cu incredere, incarcandu-ne in acelasi timp si cu un sentiment de responsabilitate. Cel putin asta am simtit eu, ca noi, adultii suntem responsabili pentru increderea cu care ne crediteaza copiii. Asta inseamna ca nu trebuie sa gandim doar pentru noi, ci sa cladim o gandire colectiva pozitiva si pentru societatea in care acesti copii urmeaza sa se dezvolte.

In acel moment, m-am gandit ca as vrea sa scriu despre romani care au reusit, sunt multi si sper sa am aceasta ocazie pe viitor.

Sunt acei oameni care” si-au gasit calea” si avand inca foarte proaspat regretul ca nu am reusit sa particip la concertul lui Horia Brenciu care avusese loc cu cateva ore inainte, m-am gandit sa scriu cateva cuvinte despre.

the very professional videoclip “My Way”

Horia Brenciu, a concertat in Bucuresti pe 30 noiembrie, impreuna cu orchestra sa HB Orchestra Big Band. Concertul ” My Way” “va fi unul care intra in istorie” dupa cum spune el, mai mult sau mai putin ironic, conform stilului caracteristic,” pentru ca este prima data cand o asemenea productie muzicala de swing & jaz este cantata de romani”.

Ceea ce admir si respect la Horia Brenciu, pe langa calitatile vocale, ideile interesante de PR, faptul ca deseori canta in concert si cu prietenii, foloseste prilejul fiecarui concert de a promova tineri artisti, este faptul ca este unul dintre acei romani care vizibil si-a cautat calea si vizibil a gasit-o.

De aceea, m-am gandit ca piesa ” My Way” interpretata de el, si-ar gasi locul in acest post.


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Weekend with holydays


romanian article

Being together with my son to see the parade organized for the National Day of Romania, I had the feeling that it is a holiday for the children.  I was there also for the same reason, first of all to make a joy to my child. It was above expectations to see so many people and more of that, so many children.

For my son, the whole parade was very interesting and a reason of joy. For me, the joy was his joy and it was also something else. It was a state of optimism that was in the air, because of the children, which, with their pure thoughts, credited us, the adults, with confidence and charging us in the same time  also,  with responsibility. At least, this was my feeling at that moment, that we, the adults, we are responsible for the trust we are credited by the children. That means that we have not to think only for ourselves, we have to build a collective positive thinking also for the society in which these children are going to grow.

At that moment, I thought that I want to write about romanian people who succeeded, there are a lot of them and I hope to have this opportunity in the future.

There are those people who “found their way” and still having a  very fresh regret that I was unable to attend the concert Horia Brenciu that took place a few hours before, I thought to write a few words about.

Horia Brenciu had a concert in Bucharest on November 30, along with his HB Orchestra Big Band. The concert “My Way” ” is a concert that will remain in history” as he says, more or less ironic as characteristic style, “because is the first time when a swing & jazz music production is sung by romanian singers” .

the very professional videoclip” My way”

What I admire and respect at Horia Brenciu, besides his vocal qualities, PR interesting ideas, that often play his music in concerts with friends, use every opportunity of his concerts  to promote young artists,  he is one of those romanians who was looking, very visible, to find his way and very visible, he found it.

Therefore, I’m thinking that the song “My Way” performed by him, would find a place in this post.

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Bucharest, the old “Small Paris” in a City Tour


the article in romanian language

An autumn sunny Sunday.
A walk in the Bucharest Downtown, enjoying an “ice cream with smiles” (about this, in a future post), a joy for children and special moments for me.

Super ideea, especially since we decided to take, for the first time, City Bus to make a Bucharest City Tour.

An outdoor downtown tour, without traffic congestion, on a gorgeous weather, it is true, made me to enjoy the beautiful, interesting places besides which I pass, otherwise, very often.

With just a few adjustments regarding the organization and some key elements added to the ambient, I could say that this tour, could raise the most interesting tours, in the most beautiful and representative cities.
Long green parks and flowers, architecture buildings that still retains cosmopolitanism and prosperity of the interwar period, when Bucharest was called  ” The Little Paris”, create a pleasant and interesting atmosphere, a very trendy mix of vintage and contemporary.

Photos with Bucharest Downtown, made in this City Tour ( click on the photo, the music: Celelalte Cuvinte ).

The Arch of Triumph, The Romanian Peasant Museum, The Natural History Museum Grigore Antipa, The National Geology Museum, The Cretulescu Church, The Romanian Atheneum, The Romanian Royal Palace, The Romanian National History Museum, The CEC Palace, The Parliament Palace, The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral, The Bucharest Museum, Cercul Militar National, The Romanian Literature Museum, Statuia Lupoaicei, The Romanian Victoria Palace, Statuia Charles de Gaulle


Bucharest Downtown

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