The elements that give value to the Mara property that is for sale


article wrote and published on April 4, 2016

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the presentation in romanian

The elements that give value to the Mara property that is for sale

IMG_8825Domain from Mara that is for sale, 3500mp is situated in a quiet place , on one of the lanes of the village Mara; the domain is situated in sloping , overlooking the Cock’s Comb , the village church there is on a hill, some households of the village, the hills that surrounds the historic Maramures ; all of them offers very nice picture every season ;




IMG_8886The domain is formed from 2 parts

The first part is a land 1300 mp with 2 houses; the second part 2200mp with natural pond

The part with the 2 houses + exterior kitchen + 1300 mp

Entire domain:

The 2 houses + exterior kitchen +1300 mp + 2200mp with natural pond

IMG_8813 - Copy


~2 wooden houses, older than 100 years, with original wood , valuable also because of the sculptures ; for the houses assembly was kept the houses construction techniques , used in Maramures for hundreds of years ago ;houses have been decorated inside,  with quality elements in order to keep the authenticity , and for comfort, quite time, relaxation

~ homes were bought , disassembled, reassembled and restored to original , like a puzzle , with the same technique traditional, authentic, to make the joints without iron nails

~ The pillars , dranitele, have original sculptures ; for those who appreciate the old original , as a design elements, the wood looks old original

~ The roofs are made with a traditional coating technique, which has become an art  ~coating technique with wooden roof, with scales, in waters~ ; It is like those that are used in the construction of the Monastery Barsana

IMG_8834~ * The structure of the two houses is the original ; the attic of every house have a good height for the construction of 2 rooms , hallway and bathroom,  ~ The small house : two bedrooms and a bathroom~ The big house : 2 rooms , hallway , bathroom ; the house is raised ; It has spacious kitchen in the basement that come outside, has the proper temperature for food storage , wine cellar ; It is equipped with the necessary elements for the kitchen, wooden furniture with granite countertop, with granit sink and natural stones on the wall


IMG_5439~ Between the two houses is a cottage built in the same style, that can be used for summer kitchen, for storage ~ *The  interiors of the 2 houses were arranged in order to fit to traditional, autochthonous style ~Windows are termopan on wood,  made ​​of Arcer company ; windows with original glass design that follows the windows shape of Maramures , colour dark green , give a touch of color and has been chosen according to the colors found in the design elements of Maramures ~ Interior doors and exterior doors are in wood, made of Arcer company ; color dark green as the windows, that furnishes parts inside ~The floor, parquet oak , available lenghts, made of Forestland company

IMG_8808~ The bathrooms are made ​​with natural stone, travertine; showers are covered in travertine natural stone mosaic , piece of wood furniture , batteries copper are chosen quality to fit with the interior ; The sinks are hand carved in natural stone, travertine ~ The furniture, the design elements are chosen to match with the authentical interiors , are valuable , some of them are original, traditional style; these provide comfort, quite time, relaxation ; quality mattresses for quality sleep, quality relaxation ~ Heating is with wood; central heating; To warm Water there and boilers

~ During winter, in cooler seasons , the comfort is assure with the heating system with wood; with quality stoves, chosen from the Italian company Nordica, a leader brand on its market; these stoves are efficient and effective , ensure thermal comfort at a reduced consumption of wood and works as central heating ; They are ceramic and have a nice design ; ~ The walls are insulated, the special glass of the windows are helping to maintenain the temperature ; the ceiling in wooden girder are original , visible ~~ The pond has springs , a bridge is crossing ; It has fish ~~ The alleys and parking are paved with stone , gravel~~ The woven fence is made of master craftsmen who are known in the world through their work ; the fence have been made a few years ago; it is an work of art~~ The gate is old , traditional from Maramures , with original sculptures made ​​with folklore elements


*Satul Mara este situat la 25 km de Sighetu Marmatiei, 25 km de Baia Mare unde este aeroport;

*The village Mara is situated at 25 km from Sighetu Marmatiei, 25 km from Baia Mare, where there is aerport;

*The village is situated near Gutin mountain, with Creasta Cocosului, The Cock Crest, the place that is UNESCO protected for rare species fauna and flora; the place is recognized into the world for special mushrooms species, funghi porccini, truffle, berries, wildfruits;

*It is situated at 15 km from Cavnic, mountain area, ski resort that has seazon till april, for the advantageous position the slop has;

*The village is situated at 15 km from Ocna Sugatag, balneo resort, recognized for the mineral salted waters with important therapeutical proprieties;











IMG_8812 (1) - Copy




IMG_8810 (1) - Copy

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My father, Vasile Anisorac, a Romanian, Ukrainian, Maramuresanian


nature pinterest2

the article in romanian

~The life on the Earth is limited and whatever you do, cannot be extended; What is very important is that everything depends on you, to live intensely in time and space, if it’s possible, to be an example for those around you, to understand your designation and with passion and hope, following a fitted set of values, to try to accomplish; and all the time, to try to don’t live for nothing

This is the meaning that I have for my father’s words:

“The life cannot be extended. It is important to know to expand it”


Biography Vasile Anisorac

15 feb 1950


~ Born in Bistra village , Maramures county , son of George and Anna Anisorac that with love , intuition , wisdom and responsibility have guided his adolescence steps


~He goes to school in the village , teaching in Ukrainian , Class 1 and 2

~Considering that it is important for the future, parents decide that the 3rd grade school to studied in Romanian language in Petrova, the near village; 


High School ” Dragos Voda ” Sighet , with passion for history, with modestly and hardworking, he makes visible steps towards performance


temple poseidon greekbostonStudent at the Faculty of History Philosophy , “Babes Bolyai” Cluj Napoca, known to have always a book and a sheet of notes with him


~The school inspector for Maramures county, reelected after the revolution 

~Secretary of the Society of Historical Sciences Maramures


~he joins Christian Democratic National Peasants’ Party , he is admiring Corneliu Coposu
~history professor at High School „Dragos Voda” Sighetu Marmatiei

flower google“Dedication, this is the word that defines him and for that he finds rewards in the impatience the students are expecting her classes with , in their wishing and their parents wishing to communicate with him , in the results of the Olympiads, in students admissions on the Law Faculty and History Faculty “says mama, Elena Doina Anisorac

~he is elaborating the„ Monography of the High School Dragos Voda”

1 Martie – 1 Decembrie 1997

The General Inspector for Edication in Maramures

~he is sustaining the government project for establishment of the schools teaching in mother tongue

~he is supporting the establishment of Ukrainian High School “Taras Shevchenko ” , Sighet opening withe teh participation of the : Romanian President Emil Constantinescu , Ambassador of Ukraine in Bucharest , Minister of Education Virgil Petrescu

~he is according a special attention for the children in difficult situation, supporting in foundraising

~he is actively participating at program for modernization the national education system, having results for the educational system in Maramures, with a focus on efficiency , improving the quality of the education, the IT&C implementation

1 Dec 1997

Leaving valuable ideas, great results, admiration and respect of those who knew him and a lot of pain in our hearts, he had a heart attack

istorie googleScientific publications

~The political, economical and social development of the Sighetu Marmatiei town, between 1918 – 1970

~The contribution for the media history in Maramures

~The democratic media in Maramures, between 1930 – 1945

~The Monography of the High School “Dragos Voda”, Sighetu Marmatiei, between 1919 -1996

“Vasile Anisorac belongs to the 3rd millennium. It is a very big lost that he didn’t arrive to cross its threshold. The elegance, the subtle intelligence, the ambition and the correctitude, are only a few dominants of his complex personality. The fact that he had invested with his believe, gave the warranty for the own qualities. Honored family, speak about him at the present time. It is the way his soul will remain between us and its times will begin”

Prof Gabriela Pop, educational inspector for history and socials sciences

nature tata pinterestMessage to the inauguration of the High School “Taras Sevcenco “

“Welcome in Sighet , the ancient center of Maramures, full of history and tradition. Now we are participating at a festive moment, when, after 30 years, in this area of convergence of  significant historical and ethnic areas where among romanians live ukrainians, the High School “Taras Sevchenko” is opening the gates. The Inspectorate for Education of the Maramures, is seeing in this event a good step into the complex changes that the romanian society and the schools are passing. 

Into the High School, the ukranians pupils, having good coachers, the directors Teodor Popovici and Ana Popovici and the teachers, that are awared of the rithm needed for the  european and occidental society, will have the opportunity to learn for their future, to become the creators of the materials and morals goods.

The open of the High School with the ukranian teaching, in Sighetu Marmatiei, demonstrate again, a real open of the romanian educational system to Europe”

The message for the participants at the national socials sciences olympics

maramures“I want to congrats everybody for the things good made. Teachers, for the professionalism, the good evaluation of the thesis, people, for the seriousness in the themes approach. The themes about the natural and social environment are impressive, being a premise that tomorrow day will be better. Thanks for those involved in this action.

If you liked in Maramures, please welcome again, the hundreds of gates of the Maramures county are remaining opened.

Have farewell, healthy and success into your future activities, God bless you” 




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Maramures, Romania


article wrote and published on Jan 8, 2013

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the article in romanian

Maramures is one of those places where time seems to stop, giving us time to enjoy the simple things.

You get to see the beauty of the nature, animals that children know better from books, simple people, cheerful, inviting you to be their guest and to give them the satisfaction to make you feel good.

Here you can see daily life, with all of the needs, almost the same for hundreds of years ago. Most of them, can be settled only by the nature: ” maybe will snow, because it’s good for the earth, but not so much to have floods; maybe will rain when is heat and drought; maybe the rain will stop when rivers are whirling ….”

Local people, pray for all of them and know how to say thank  for everything.

Maybe that’s why, Maramures, is one of those places where you can find spirituality in its pure form and even, you get to enjoy it.

Winter holidays have a special place into the heart of Maramures, because they are the ones that carry on and from very far, the traditions and the local customs.

Every year on December 27 in Sighetu Marmatiei, the Maramures hystorical residence, takes place “ The Customs and traditions Festival “. It brings together artists, writers, historians, ethnologists, representatives of the folk areas in Romania and abroad, people who love Maramures.

Speaking of people who love Maramures, one of them, who proved this many times is Miya Kosei, who says that Maramures is the place, “where he found a second home”

Miya Kosei was born in 1937 in Tokyo. He studied literature, art, history and ethnology, economics and sociology. He came first time in Romania in 1965. He likes very much Maramures and visited it hundred times. Many of his books and volumes of photos are dedicated to Romania and Maramures.

In December this year, at “The Festival of customs and traditions”, in Sighetu Marmatiei, at 86 years old, Miya Kosei announces publication of his new photo album about Maramures. This album will be released this summer, in partnership with the publisher Valea Verde ( Green Valley) from Sighet. ( the interview took by Mr. Cristian Fernea is in romanian language, the translation will be ready soon)

I would like in Maramures, everything that is nice and healthy, to remain. In most of all villages in Maramures, customs and traditions for hundreds of years ago, don’t happen only on holidays. There are part of the people’s everyday life.

How could it be that the “new” to be taken in the existed context and to harmoniously match the ” landscape”?



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