O zi a tineretii, a responsabilitatii pentru tineri prin sport, a educatiei nonformale


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Vineri, 10.10.2014, o zi a tineretii, a responsabilitatii pentru tineri, a educatiei nonformale

Aceasta zi, s-a concretizat la Colegiul National de Arta Octav Bancila din Iasi, prin doua ore, 12-14, in care am reusit sa impletim sport, muzica, interactivitate, deschidere


Cred ca nonformalul presupune implicare, responsabilitate, idei noi. Privit ca un potentator al elementelor bune cu care vine formalul si primit cu deschidere, poate sa aduca o schimbare.

Am ales sportul, pentru ca sportul cred ca este una dintre cele mai importante activitati care stau la temelia dezvoltarii noastre. Motivul sau cel putin unul dintre motive, poate fi acela ca odata ce il includem in viata noastra, acesta potenteaza tot ce e bun din activitatile noastre de zi cu zi.

La Colegiul National de Arta Octav Bancila Iasi, care poarta numele pictorului Octav Bancila ( 1872-1944) si unde traditia se imbina cu performanta, am gasit portile deschise pentru sport.

Aici, profesorii si elevii doresc „ sa fie maestri intr-o lume care le apartine” prin aprecierea initiativei, dezvoltarea potentialului creativ, imbinarea pregatirii teoretice cu cea artistica.

Directorii Colegiului au primit cu empatie propunerea, accentuand faptul ca” pentru elevii scolii, care se dedica mai mult timp activitatilor artistice cum sunt pictura, muzica, desenul…, sportul, miscarea, sunt o binefacere”.

Profesorii de sport au participat activ la activitate, incantati atunci cand s-a vorbit despre sport, incantati sa-si vada elevii acceptand cu bucurie activitatea si rezonand la sport, muzica si joy.

Trebuia sa fie sport, trebuia sa placa, sa fie acceptat de catre tinerii care participau.

Sport si muzica, elemente de dans, de aerobic pe muzica…a fost o alegere buna pentru aceasta activitate.

 Club Moving Iasi, impreuna cu antrenorii de zumba, au aratat o deschidere si au raspuns cu profesionalism acestei propuneri.

Primele cateva minute s-au desfasurat intr-un cadru interactiv, am discutat despre beneficiile sportului, despre sporturile practicate, am aflat pareri legate de ceea ce inseamna si ce presupune performanta, ce inseamna competitia, ce admira cel mai mult la sportivii de performanta, care sunt valorile sportului, ce au in comun sportul, muzica, arta

O concluzie creionata cu cateva dintre cele discutate ar fi ca:

*  sportul, ca si muzica si arta, este o forma de exprimare a propriilor valori,

beneficiile sportului sunt legate de partea estetica, aspect fizic, de sanatate, de relaxare, practicarea unui hobby, socializare, apropiere de echilibru cu tine insuti si cu cei din jur

performanta ar putea fi incercarea, dorinta de a fi din ce in ce mai bun in ceea ce faci, in fiecare zi, de a face cu placere ceea ce faci, pe lange ceea ce trebuie pentru atingerea obiectivelor, de a te bucura de fiecare realizare

*pentru competitie, e important sa fii in competitie cu tine insuti mai intai, sa-ti cunosti valorile; conteaza si cadrul competitional care trebuie sa fie unul corect, potrivit

caracteristicile sportivilor de performanta sunt aduse la scara de valori intr-o competitie cum este olimpiada, cand putem vorbi despre valorile olimpismului: determinare, tenacitate, teamwork,  respect, fairplay, energie, credinta, optimism…

Aprecierile tinerilor, aprecierile profesorilor si manifestarea dorintei ca astfel de activitati sa se repete, au adus multumire celor care s-au implicat si cred, ca toate acestea, pot fi premise pentru alte actiuni de responsabilitate pentru tineri.

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The young generation is our future


romanian language article

The conclusion of the conversation with my daughter, is about a better future.
For a better future, we need a young generation with a good attitude,with joy and will of performance.
The way to performance is the way you enjoy, that’s why, this way has to begin from what you like to do, what you would like to do, your hobbies.

teamYou can find all of these, if you open your heart. There you find what you really like to do. From there begins the contact with the creative part, that could help you to design the way you would like forward.

designTo become the way to performance, this way has to be continuously developed and it needs work, perseverance, ambition, discipline, things that have to be done and that are more about the pragmatic part. That’s why, the way to performance means also the capacity to continuously balance these two parts, the creative and the pragmatic parts.

The performance is about the results and also is about the quality of the way to achieve these results, “when you’ll arrive where you want, to be an example /a reference for the others, to be appreciated…. ”.

The young generation needs good and quality models/ references. Those who will be able to design their best way and to develop it, those youngs will become models for the future young generation and for the community.

Like a conclusion, for the young generation, the chosen way could be the way to performance if it braids:

  • What they like to do/ what they would like to to/their hobbies
  • What they need to do/work/perseverence/disciplin, like athlets
  • the existence, along the way, of a valuable and quality landmarks, like the olympic values: dignity, partnership, teamwork, fair play, determination, tenacity, respect, performance, good choice of values, models for young people

For all of these, the young generation need a team with them on their way, a collaboration between parents, teachers, proffesionals from various domains, communities representatives, having like highlights, the same values mentioned above.

Important is that, there are ways to achieve all of these….depends on us, those who are able and want, to do good things to happen

The young generation is our future



the romanian version

A recently conversation with my daughter, at a cup of tea,  became a conversation about future plans and what she would like to do. Very nice and funny moments that filled me with joy, pride and also with responsibility.

The conclusion of this discussion, will be added in a further article. There is a wonderful proof that the young people are those who can help us to find ways for a better future.

„ It would be very well for us to know what we want to become, as soon as possible, to have time to prepare on that direction.

When we are born, we get that thing …. you can imagine, it is like a grain and it means the perfection. We own this only than. This grain has two equal parts. One part is the imagination, creativity and one …. how is it called? The pragmatic. Thank you taught me a new word:)

At the beginning, these two parts are equal, then, they are developing differently. Depends on us and on those around us how much water we put to one side and on another one to make them to grow up. One of them grows more than the other. But both of them are important.

Children know what they like in the early days, but after that, only a few are those who want to find those things they really like and make them to rise. Maybe they don’t know how important is to do this and they need help from the others around them.

These two parts we have talked about could means also: what you like to do and what you have to do. Anyway, you can hear” you have to do this” more often then “what would you like to do”.

I already know what job I want because I have this part of “what I like to do” more developed:)

If you know what you like, it’s easier because what you like to do, you are doing with your heart and from your heart.

If you ask young people what they want to become in the future, I think there are two categories: one that will answer: ” a good job, to earn a lot of money” and others who want to do what they like to do and earn money:) That’s what I would like. It’s kind of ideal. But if you do what you like and work for this, you’ll archieve the performance in a funny way, having a happy life and enjoying the performance.

What means the performance? To rise up higher and higher … you know the song :), to be an example for the others, to be appreciated. This could be your way: doing what you like to do, working ( here you have to use the part that is: to do the right things you have to do, ambition, I know …. order, discipline…) you’ll archieve the performance and you have to be appreciated.

What it means to be appreciated? It’s a common word that everybody uses but many of them do not use it well. To receive money? Yes, this is a part cause with money you can do a lot of good things. But it’s more than that …. it is that people consider important for them, valuable, ….ok, those who are envoius, are not part of this discussion.

How could you know what job would you like to have?

First you have to know what do you like to do when you relax, during your leisure?

On that moments, usually, you are doing what you like. Doing things from the heart, you’re more creative, you can see the beautiful things around you, you’re more cherrful ….

I guess we must begin from here to find the best way. Then we have to develop, to do what we have to do …. to work, sometimes hard, to achieve what we would like. But we have to like also the way, so we have to make it funny and cool.

There’s something more … to have the good team, right people around us, to help us and to be with us on our ways: parents, friends, teachers….

We, the young people, we are like rough diamonds …. with attention, responsibility and honor we could be made to bright “


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