How can cybernetics help the changes and the innovation that people need?


How can cybernetics help the changes and the innovation that people need?

*My description on cybernetics could be:

system googleThe Economical Cybernetics is math applied on economy , based on relevant experiences, observations, that help to create micro and macro economical models; it is important to count on fitted and accurate statistical data;

~These models need to be transformed into logical flowcharts  and after that, into programs that help to implement the economical models.

Combining a structured, logical thinking
, with a way to feel, that arrives to help to observe and to understand the things around and with a fitted way to communicate, the new cybernetics goals could be achieved:

*efficiency, efficacya systemical view of the situation in order to be able to make connections between the systemsa growth of a dynamical network,  a good base on decisional activity

*Building a holistical thinking, with interdependances

ccybernetics 7

The dependents are good and needed; Freedom doesn’t mean to not depends on anybody, but the dependents need to be fitted.

~Freedom could mean the courage to exprim in a way feelings and thoughts

*As the ancient greek, the origine kybernetike, the freedom for thoughts and feels is very important in cybernetics.

In the present and for the future, the new cybernetics with creativity could stand for the change, when is needed and for the innovation.

*The full article published on LinkedIn Pulse, on November 17, 2015


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