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article wrote and published on LinkedIn on 7 March 2017 

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IMG_0823Organizing an Event without having an Initial Budget

This is possible, I had this experience in 2012, when I launched an Event Concept :

5 o’clock @6 o’clock Lifestyle & Business Casual Events

I was thinking to write about it a few weeks ago when, on LinkedIn, a challenging question met me : `Do you think is possible to organize an Event Zero Budget? `

This experience was a performance I can say, because The Challenge was to organize a high quality event; I had Zero Initial Budget; The event has been paid and every person that participated in organizing the event, have been paid from attendees participation fee and through selling simple but with effect accessories that I’ve been created to wear the Concept.

Value and Quality were bases for the choices I made for this event, the purpose for the Concept  5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events being to provide a suitable framework for quality business networking, for brand awarness and personal branding, for promoting valuable ideeas, concepts, projects, products and services, talents.

In 15 November 2012, the first 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock Lifestyle & Business Casual Event took place at Readers Cafe in Metropolis Center in Bucharest, a nice place with relaxing atmosphere.

DSC_0414_1The theme that I’ve chosen was Ikebana & Business Networking, defined through elegance, harmony, valuable business contacts.

Business Networking, because in a professional way, can increase the premises for efficient business partnerships and for getting results.

DSC_0410_1Ikebana, “the way of flowers”,  because, in addition to the beautiful natural arrangements that give a good mood and feeling watching them, Ikebana means „keeping touch with nature, a cult for beauty”, that could help in „focusing on your way”.

I’ve created 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events an Event Concept designed to propose a business casual framework for workshops on various topics of personal development and business development, combined with lifestyle subjects and responsible` business connected to the society` activities.

Managing performance in professional activities, with knowhow, experiences, finding elements that we like, with a bit passion, we can be more efficient, responsible, creative in creating results

The results are different, because, besides the material results, it is about determination, satisfaction, motivation, appreciating existed values and abilities, all these conducting to the company, business, project engagement.

DSC_0042_1At this event, have been participated entrepreneurs, employees, people that during 3 hours had interesting experiences when they braided professional business networking, with a challenged combination between business practices and Ikebana, a Japanese art for spiritual calm and focus exercising.

The feedback from all participants was very good, besides they found good mood and relax atmosphere, they took new and challenging information, practices that could be applied in business and everyday life, and they met people that could be important connections.

501They have bought accessories Bright Braids, created and prepared to wear the Concepts: accessories for hair, for women and girls, that offer uniqueness to the hairstyle being added with imagination and ingenuity; scarves and pocket scarves for men.

Through experiences, quality events without initial budget but with knowhow, fairplay, determination, can happen, but

To enhance the continuity of the Events Concept, is surely needed a budget for efficient marketing and communication

The third part of the event was dedicated to open business networking, in a nice space, with live music and special flower designs, like

a Ikebana in Business Wellbeing

Link to the LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/60415/60415-6230418112811012097

Link to article about the event : http://andra-cretu.com/blog/5-o%E2%80%99clock-6-o%E2%80%99clock-lifestyle-business-casual-events-english/






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