Macy Gray, live in Bucharest


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Macy Gray, live in Bucharest, 22 november 2012

It was a night when I had the opportunity to enjoy 3 hours of good music and to realise that, besides a few songs that I like from Macy Gray, I discovered a complex artist and a great person.

Moonlight Breakfast, a romanian young band that plays a kind of Bar & Lounge music, made the opening to Macy Gray. They did a very good job, quality music, sounds like profesional…. I liked them!!!!

With 20 million albums sold, a Grammy Award, an MTV Music Awards, 2  Brit Awards  in the record, Macy Gray sings and composes music and lyrics, she is also actress (the most recent role played with Nicole Kidman in The Paperboy, directed by Lee Daniels), she participates in humanitarian and made ​​an evaluation of its activity at 38 million dollars.

( link to the concert “Sweet Baby” song)

What I liked very much, besides the songs that she sung: I do, Nothing Else Matter, Sweet Baby, Do something, Let you win, Happiness, Beauty in the World, The Letter, I try, it was the team spirit, empathy and leadership qualities that proved Macy Gray. Each of the band members, not only they were presented, they had their  individual role and their place, well-defined, into the show. Macy Gray stated and trasmited that she is not the only superstar  of the night, but each of her colleagues and more of than, every person must  to feel this. Moreover, positive messages were sent during the concert, about faith, self confidence, friendship, freedom, peace.

( link catre videoclip)

In a unique blend of rhythms R & B, funk, rock, soul, hip hop, performing the song I try, Macy Gray spoke about “beautiful” people, about love, love for others, self confidence, and Everything is gona be allright, managed to create an atmosphere, full of empathy. She left the stage with a smile of satisfaction, as she was able to send the right things, and the public responded.

It was a cool evening,  with good music. For mind and soul.

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