MICE – Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition Industry in Romania




MICERO Academy of MICE, Brasov, 21.08.2012

MICE Meeting, Incentive, Convention and Exhibition Industry  – one of the industries with the highest growth rate in the world, which until a few years ago did not exist as a concept in Romania and now, is at the stage of “infancy”.

The fact that MICE  begins to be perceived in Romania as a concept, is because there are a few people who are  trying to develop it.

A part of them, Vali Constantin-founder MICE Academy part of the project MICERO/MICEPRO also his project, Christian MacedonschiCarpathian Tourism Cluster Romania, Elena TutunaruAegon Romania , Radu CimpoieruGM CongrExpo Service Romania, Calin IlieGM IBIS Gara de Nord Bucharest,  vice president of Romanian Hotels Association, I had the opportunity to meet on 21.08.2102, in Brasov.

I attended this event, organized in order to put the base of MICE Academy and Convention Bureau in Brasov, at the invitation of Vali Constantin.

Were invited a lot of people who might be interested about this event, about MICE, with important benefits for companies, institutions  they are represented, for personal development, for community,  for the tourism and events industry.

Even if there were only few of them who responded to this invitation, their professionalism, quality of the presentations and discussions, made  this event to become a reference one.

Worthy appreciated, was that from abroad, representatives of some companies in MICE industry and of some Convention Bureau, were responded to this invitation. There are people who know what the pioneering work is, what means to develop something ” from scratch ” and who respect all these initiatives.

They came to share their knowhow and experiences, being convinced of  the importance of developing MICE industry in Romania, both for local industry and for external partnerships that may follow.

Here are some of the shared ideas :

Milos Milovanovic – President of Serbia Convention Bureau

founding member of the Serbia Convention Bureau in 2007

  •  What is very important in this industry is the participation to Conventions TradeShows and the bidding action, in order to create an international reputation for the local Convention Bureau
  • Convention Bureau & Exhibition Industry Bureau means much more than tourism, means “transformation of the society”

Jamil Benabdallah –  GM EU Detente Consultants

  • Working on a strategy of urban tourism development for Bucharest
  • There are only a few months more till the Winter Olympics for Youth, which will take place in Romania, Prahova Valley.

I remember the news……was announced and the subject was discussed two years ago, but now….. there are only a few who know about it. It is an important event, big opportunity and Romania could have maximum benefits.

Katarzyna Gadek si Beata Palis – Krakow Tourist Office si Krakow Convention Bureau

  • interesting  information about the urban tourism and about the events annually organized in Krakow (around 3000/year)
  • an interesting presenation about the backstage of  UEFA Euro 2012 Poland – Ukraine – „ „Feel like at Home”  www.krakow.pl  and about other events which were organized around this Championship like the exposition focused on sport  „ Sports in art ” or the science conference „ History of Polish sports – We all live on sport”

Peter Cramer –  Panem Et Circenses – represented  www.brotvndspiele.de  – a german marketing agency whose concepts combine the traditional marketing with Social Media si Live-Communication

  •  he presented interesting case studies in some of their MICE projects
  • they made a product, MICE Marketing 2.1 – Social Media Solutions for the Meeting Industry, considered the best niche product for MICE in Germany

George Beloukas – owner of Foititrips Turism Agency

  • in partnership with MICE Academy, aims to develop tourism projects with destinations in Romania and Greece
  • he presented a wonderful place, full of history, the island of Samos – Greece and he plans to promote this island in Romania, as a MICE destination

Hope that all of them felt well being  in Romania, enjoyed the Brasov city, the Bran Castle and that this event could represent the begining of a valuable collaboration.

My respects to all the participants to this event!


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