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article wrote and published on LinkedIn on 7 March 2017 

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IMG_0823Organizing an Event without having an Initial Budget

This is possible, I had this experience in 2012, when I launched an Event Concept :

5 o’clock @6 o’clock Lifestyle & Business Casual Events

I was thinking to write about it a few weeks ago when, on LinkedIn, a challenging question met me : `Do you think is possible to organize an Event Zero Budget? `

This experience was a performance I can say, because The Challenge was to organize a high quality event; I had Zero Initial Budget; The event has been paid and every person that participated in organizing the event, have been paid from attendees participation fee and through selling simple but with effect accessories that I’ve been created to wear the Concept.

Value and Quality were bases for the choices I made for this event, the purpose for the Concept  5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events being to provide a suitable framework for quality business networking, for brand awarness and personal branding, for promoting valuable ideeas, concepts, projects, products and services, talents.

In 15 November 2012, the first 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock Lifestyle & Business Casual Event took place at Readers Cafe in Metropolis Center in Bucharest, a nice place with relaxing atmosphere.

DSC_0414_1The theme that I’ve chosen was Ikebana & Business Networking, defined through elegance, harmony, valuable business contacts.

Business Networking, because in a professional way, can increase the premises for efficient business partnerships and for getting results.

DSC_0410_1Ikebana, “the way of flowers”,  because, in addition to the beautiful natural arrangements that give a good mood and feeling watching them, Ikebana means „keeping touch with nature, a cult for beauty”, that could help in „focusing on your way”.

I’ve created 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Events an Event Concept designed to propose a business casual framework for workshops on various topics of personal development and business development, combined with lifestyle subjects and responsible` business connected to the society` activities.

Managing performance in professional activities, with knowhow, experiences, finding elements that we like, with a bit passion, we can be more efficient, responsible, creative in creating results

The results are different, because, besides the material results, it is about determination, satisfaction, motivation, appreciating existed values and abilities, all these conducting to the company, business, project engagement.

DSC_0042_1At this event, have been participated entrepreneurs, employees, people that during 3 hours had interesting experiences when they braided professional business networking, with a challenged combination between business practices and Ikebana, a Japanese art for spiritual calm and focus exercising.

The feedback from all participants was very good, besides they found good mood and relax atmosphere, they took new and challenging information, practices that could be applied in business and everyday life, and they met people that could be important connections.

501They have bought accessories Bright Braids, created and prepared to wear the Concepts: accessories for hair, for women and girls, that offer uniqueness to the hairstyle being added with imagination and ingenuity; scarves and pocket scarves for men.

Through experiences, quality events without initial budget but with knowhow, fairplay, determination, can happen, but

To enhance the continuity of the Events Concept, is surely needed a budget for efficient marketing and communication

The third part of the event was dedicated to open business networking, in a nice space, with live music and special flower designs, like

a Ikebana in Business Wellbeing

Link to the LinkedIn post: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/60415/60415-6230418112811012097

Link to article about the event : http://andra-cretu.com/blog/5-o%E2%80%99clock-6-o%E2%80%99clock-lifestyle-business-casual-events-english/






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Coloana lui Brancusi, besides Infinite is communicating Evolution


the article in romanian 

article wrote and published on 12.12.2016

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lighteningToday, when it should be one of the most important day for me, maybe the second after my birthday, the day when I can express the most important liberty right, the right to vote, today I’m writing you again Estate. If you were a King, I’d write you personal.

I’ve written you ago a few times, for Romania’s day, I’ve written regarding Brancusi, I’ve written you with #colectiv…

I’m writing you with disappointment and revolt.

I’ve respected you and I’ve chosen you anytime when I had other options, because I believed that here is my place, I brought value and I represented you well; and I am able to argue.

You don’t help me not at all.

And I think everything is started from the fact that your laws are bad. Because I saw only 3 ilogicals in the first 5 minutes when I took contact with your laws and I realized, your laws are not protecting me.

Your laws are not protecting the right to dignity, your laws are not allowing the coherence in politics, that can give political, economical, social stability and chances for concentration, for relevant projects, for results.

Justice doesn’t mean only to fill the prisons. Justice means the laws that allow the dignity and the humans rights protection.

Your laws facilitate the abuses because your laws generate fear. Worst enemy of the faith, friendship, love, of the human integrity. Because the fear, generates cowardice.

I don’t want my children to grow up and  develop in this environment.

Your laws, I don’t think that respect the European Convention.

Your laws didn’t protect my rights, they took from my rights and in this way, materialy, they took from me almost everything.

And because the Universe, the experiences, the knowledges, the abilities that I have, for that you stay indifferent made me to think a few innovative projects, that might be solutions to important problems with that this country is facing, with argued benefits for the country, for people, for young people, for retirees:

~Project in education with fast results in growing the level of the concentration, the relevant and useful knowledges accumulated in schools, the level of the hope for a preparation focused on the own performance achievement for the young people

~Project regarding the taxes for health, unemployment, pensions, with benefits for the employers, for the employees, for the health system, assurance system, for the estate and with a responsible side on the #GlobalGoals direction

~Project regarding the taxes for the old cars and the pollution reduction, project with environmental direction

~Project in environment through valuing valuable resources and elimination of losses

~Project in creating an institution that have like goals the creation and implementation of the projects with results in growing up the happiness level for people, already considered in many countries, an social welfare indicator and with #GlobalGoals objectives, enrolled in #ParisAgreement

I SELL them to you, Estate.

And I think that from up, from somewhere, at least Brancusi, the most important and international recognized symbol of Romania, is with me.

Because I think that Coloana lui Brancusi, besides Infinite, is communicating Evolution

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~concert Rihanna Google~olympicnature pinterest2owl 2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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Coloana lui Brancusi, pe langa Infinit inseamna si Evolutie


the article in english

articol scris si publicat in 12.12.2015

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Azi, cand ar fi trebuit sa fie una dintre cele mai importante zile ale mele, poate a doua dupa ziua de nastere si anume ziua in care pot sa imi exprim cel mai important drept al libertatii, dreptul la vot, azi iti scriu din nou tie Statule. Daca ai fi un Rege, ti as scrie personal.

Ti-am mai scris de cateva ori, de ziua Romaniei, ti-am scris in legatura cu Brancusi, ti-am scris atunci cu #colectiv…

Iti scriu cu dezamagire si revolta.

Eu te-am respectat si te-am ales de fiecare data cand am avut alte optiuni pentru ca am crezut ca aici imi e locul, am adus valoare si te-am reprezentat bine; si pot sa argumentez.

Tu nu ma ajuti cu nimic.

Si cred ca totul porneste de la faptul ca legile tale sunt proaste. Pentru ca am vazut doar 3 ilogitati in primele 5 minute cand am luat contact cu legile tale si mi-am dat seama ca ele nu ma apara.

Legile tale nu apara dreptul la demnitate, legile tale nu permit coerenta in politica care sa confere stabilitate politica, economica, sociala si sanse pentru concentrare, pentru proiecte relevante, pentru rezultate.

Dreptatea nu inseamna doar umplerea inchisorilor. Dreptatea inseamna legi care sa permita apararea demnitatii si a drepturilor omului.

Legile tale inlesnesc abuzurile pentru ca genereaza frica. Cel mai mare dusman al credintei, prieteniei, iubirii, al integritatii umane. Pentru ca la randul ei frica genereaza lasitate.

Eu nu vreau ca, copiii mei ca creasca si sa se dezvolte in acest mediu.

Legile tale nu cred ca respecta Conventia Europeana.

Legile tale nu mi au aparat drepturi ci mi au luat drepturi iar material, mi au luat aproape tot.

Si pentru ca universul, experientele, cunostiintele, abilitatile pe care le am si la care tu ramai indiferent m-au facut sa gandesc cateva proiecte inovative, care pot sa fie solutii la probleme importante cu care se confrunta aceasta tara, cu beneficii argumentate pentru tara, pentru oameni, pentru tineri, pentru pensionari:

~Proiect in educatie cu rezultate rapide in cresterea nivelului de concentrare, de cunostinte relevante si utile acumulate in scoala, al sperantei pentru o pregatire focusata pe atingerea propriei performanta a tinerilor

~Proiect in legatura cu taxele de sanatate, somaj si pensii cu beneficii pentru angajati, angajatori, sistemul de sanatate, sistemul de asigurari, stat si cu o latura de responsabilitate pe directie #GlobalGoals

~Proiect in legatura cu taxele pentru masinile vechi si reducerea poluarii, proiect cu directie environment

~Proiect environment prin pretuirea resurselor valoroase si eliminarea pierderilor

~Proiect de creare a unei institutii care sa urmareasca creare si implementare proiecte cu rezultate in cresterea nivelului happiness pentru oameni, considerat in multe tari deja ca si  indicator al bunastarii sociale si cu obiective #GlobalGoals inscrise in #Paris Agreement

Ti le VAND tie Statule.

Si cred ca de undeva, de acolo de sus, cel putin Brancusi, cel mai important si recunoscut international simbol al Romaniei, este alaturi de mine.

Pentru ca eu cred ca Coloana lui Brancusi, pe langa Infinit, comunica Evolutie


„V-am lasat saraci si prosti, v-am gasit si mai saraci, si mai prosti!” Cu dragoste, Brancusi

Asa spunea Brancusi despre poporul pe care l a iubit, Brancusi care in timpul vietii era recunoscut ca fiind valoros din Paris pana la New York iar in tara nu era pretuit.

Opinia mea la comentariul lui Cristian Ditoiu Owner at Traieste Romaneste on LinkedIn :


In legatura cu actiunea Statului Roman de cumparare a operei Brancusi `Cumintenia Pamantului`

img_9462concert Rihanna Googlenature pinterest2Romanian National Dayolympicowl 2



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For attention to the aspirations, hopes, willings


Published on 1 November 2016

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the article in romanian


I’m dedicating these rows in the memory of the people I’ve known and those whom I have not known, that, with  the behavior, attitude, attention for those around them, through determination, have been followed, with as much as wisdom they could, what they have understood from the designation they have in this life.

Among these people are a few friends, my grandparents, my father…

I think for all the changes we would like to happen in these times, need to change indifference, the lack of respect, lack of approaching, with attention, on the desires, aspirations, on the tries to make good things to happen. Starting with small achievements that may have a special importance, if we understand it, and till achievements that can make a difference, for a better world….

nature pinterest2Then, when these people leave this life, we remember them some time, then we arrive to forget. And with such an attitude, it’s hard to find your purpose in life and to follow it; even arrive to cannot find time to look for it; arriving with frustrations and envies, that load and that not let constructive relationships to be built.

henryford-google-5 In the past, with all the difficulties, the world was more attentive and appreciative; people were trying to “leave something behind”, an attitude that, the next generation, more educated in this way, has been respected. At that times, it has been building on valuable aspirations, innovative ideas, inventions.


I think now, more than ever, it needs attention, consideration, open for creating chances, because,

~ To act for a better world ~ even ~ ~ save the world~ have never been more real, closer to the need for action and further to be utopian

img_9462 I dedicate these rows and to #Colectiv,  for those who left and those who stayed and those who understood something of this tragic event.

For me, there were moments of suffering for everything that happens in those days. But just suffering, does not help, just words, just to feel what was wrong and what need to happen to save them, not helped. It may have helped if there could existed listening, the empathy; and these have been increasing my suffering.

This summer, after many years, I was for three days in Vama Veche. Maybe because for many from #Colectiv,  I was like at their home there, were a few moments that were like important things have been written for the future, together with those written today …




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Pentru atentie acordata nazuintelor


Publicat 1 November 2016

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lights-googleDedic aceste randuri in memoria oamenilor pe care i-am cunoscut si a celor pe care nu i-am cunoscut, care prin comportament, atitudine, atentie oferita celor din jurul lor, prin determinare, au urmat, cu cata intelepciune au putut, ceea ce au inteles din menirea pe care o au in aceasta viata.

Printre acesti oameni se afla cativa prieteni, bunicii, tata…

Cred ca pentru toate schimbarile pe care ni le dorim de la aceste vremuri, in aceste timpuri, este nevoie de schimbarea nepasarii, a lipsei de respect, a lipsei aplecarii cu atentie asupra dorintelor, nazuintelor, incercarilor de a face sa se intample lucruri bune. Incepand cu realizari marunte dar care pot sa aiba o insemnatate deosebita daca o intelegem, si pana la realizari care ajung sa faca diferente, pentru o lume mai buna.

nature pinterest2Apoi, dupa ce acesti oameni pleaca din aceasta viata, ne amintim catva timp de ei, apoi uitam. Iar cu o astfel de atitudine, e greu sa iti gasesti rostul in viata si sa il urmezi; chiar nu ai timp sa il cauti; ajungi sa ai frustrari, invidii, care incarca si care nu lasa sa se construiasca relatii, la randul lor constructive.

henryford-google-5In trecut, cu toate greutatile, lumea era mai atenta si mai apreciativa; oamenii se straduiau „sa lase ceva in urma lor” si acest lucru ajungea sa fie respectat macar de generatiile urmatoare, care erau educate si in acest sens. Atunci, se construia pe nazuinte valoroase, idei inovative, inventii.

paris-concert-david-guetta-euro-2016Cred ca acum, mai mult ca oricand, este nevoie de atentie, luare in considerare, creare de sanse, pentru ca,

~a actiona pentru o lume mai buna~, chiar ~ salvarea lumii~ nu au fost nicicand mai reale, mai aproape de nevoia de actiune si mai departe de a fi utopice

img_9462Dedic aceste randuri si pentru #Colectiv, pentru cei care au plecat si pentru cei care au ramas, si celor care au inteles ceva din acest tragic eveniment.

Pentru mine au fost momente de suferinta pentru tot ce se intampla in acele zile. Dar, doar suferinta nu ajuta, doar cuvintele, doar  sa simti de ce nu era bine si  cum ar fi trebuit sa se intample salvarea lor, nu ajuta. Ar fi ajutat poate, daca ar fi existat ascultare, empatie si acest lucru imi accentua suferinta.

In aceasta vara, dupa multi ani, am ajuns trei zile in Vama VechePoate pentru ca pentru multi din #Colectiv eram la ei acasa, au fost cateva momente in care parca se scriau randuri pentru viitor impreuna cu cele de astazi…


img_9482img_9485 img_9492



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Review: Rihanna statements she liked to concert in Bucharest


the article in romanian

14 August 2016, Rihanna has been performed first time in Bucuresti

photo Daria and Dana „ “ …Was one of the best moments on the stage” ” And this is own to you all” “


In the Constitution Square, the access has opened with 5h before the Rihanna s concert, time when have been trying to warm the atmosphere, together with the sun, other two names: Nick Jones, that has a good music, beloved; I didn’t even know that he will be on the stage and, when I saw him, I realized that he is Nick from Johnass Brothers, the band from the movie for teens, The Camp Rock; He has performed especially for the teens, but I think that they didn’t know that was him and have been too concentrated with making photos.

The representative from the romanian artists was Delia, a good choice through music, style, personality, an artist that, with some songs, could find her place on the international stages; but Delia, either, couldn’t achieve to rise the public willing for an active participation to the concert.

I think that people have been waited the event organization, to be up to other level, that, at least, to balance the fact that the phones lights, lifted for the beloved songs, can be seen and can create atmosphere only when the evening starts.

Everything regarding the event organization was at a basic level…

Even the Rihanna ANTI, World Tour message has been sent through simplicity, the event organization didn’t help the atmosphere: lights, personalization, with a few T shirts, signs, brands and branding presence.

I can say that the lack of enough recyclebins, places for charging the phones, a few chairs for those that haven’t places in those few stands, for those who didn’t want to stay down on the asphalt and for those that were on the heels at the concert, like me; these lacks, have been balanced with a very safety atmosphere, discreet, opened for helping the public, that the police, BGS, arrived to maintain.


photo Daria and Dana In a simplicity that I haven’t seen till now, a stage like a black box with a white cloth, have appeared Rihanna, moment that I have perceived with emotion; and not because I am a big fan, but for the respect that I offer for an artist, that arrived to become a highlight through music, talent, personality and that is trying, I think, hardly, in this tumultuous world, to keep the direction and to make as many fitted choices.

I have this opinion from Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, from posts, news with Rihanna, that are coming towards me and that, some of them, are catching my attention…

In the ANTI, World Tour, Rihanna arrived in Bucharest after a few concerts, and the feedback received for them, hasn’t made her happy; Could be possible that she hasn’t arrived to the public with the message she wanted to transmit…

I think that the Tour message as well as the concert it is a manifesto, for a better world…

photo Daria and Dana She entered the stage like a Cleopatra of the present, wearing the cross, a believe symbol; Black dressed, simple and sexy, she didn’t change the outfit because, I think, she didn’t intend this; the differentiator cloths element, the boots, I think, created together with the designer Manolo Blahnik…

Rihanna has sung pieces from the new album ANTI, pieces like Stay, Desperados…that have a sound thet is new; Four Five Seconds, the piece wrote in wildin with the ideea to be launched together with Kanye West and Paul McCarney…
meDuring 90 minutes, Rihanna has communicated with the public and, in an atmosphere that arrived to be perceived like a reciprocal, tacit respect, the piece Diamonds, shined with energy, in the lights of mobiles and the voices of those who were singing ….


After the concert, Rihanna posted on Social Media, on Instagram, her opinion about the concert in Bucharest, an important statement, with appreciates and unexpected:

„ “ …Was one of the best moments on the stage” ” And this is own to you all” “

concert Rihanna Google*I think that, because the public reacted with respect, because she heard singing her songs and because the design of the place gives an apart energy with the People House lighted, Rihanna felt good on the stage in Bucharest…




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Review: Rihanna a afirmat ca i-a placut mult sa concerteze la Bucuresti


the article in english

14 August 2016, Rihanna a concertat prima data in Bucuresti

photo Daria and Dana …A fost una dintre acele dati in care m am simtit cel mai bine pe o scena „ „Si vi se datoreaza voua tuturor”


In Piata Constitutiei, accesul a fost deschis cu 5 h inainte de concertul Rihannei, timp in care au incercat sa incalzeasca atmosfera, alaturi de soare, alte 2 nume; Nick Jones, care are o muzica buna, indragita; nici nu am stiut ca va fi pe scena si doar cand l am vazut mi am dat seama ca era Nick din Jhonass Brothers, formatia din filmul pentru adolescenti The Camp Rock;  El a cantat pentru tineri in mod special, doar ca marea majoritatea, cred, ca nu stiau despre ce este vorba si erau prea ocupati cu fotografiile.

Reprezentantul artistilor romani, a fost Delia, care cred ca a fost o alegere potrivita prin muzica, stil, personalitate, un artist care, cu anumite piese, ar putea sa aiba loc pe scene internationale; dar nici Delia nu a reusit sa trezeasca dorinta de participare activa a publicului la concert.

Cred ca oamenii se asteptau la o organizare ridicata la un alt nivel, care cel putin sa compenseze faptul ca luminile telefoanelor ridicate la piese indragite se vad si pot sa creeze atmosfera doar seara, nu in miezul zilei.

Tot ceea ce a tinut de organizare, a fost la nivel basic…

Chiar daca mesajul turneului Rihannei  ANTI, World Tour, deci si al concertului, era transmis prin simplitate, organizarea nu a ajutat cu nimic atmosfera: lumini, personalizare, macar cu niste tricouri, insemne, branduri si branding.

Pot sa spun insa ca lipsa cosurilor de gunoi suficiente, a locurilor amenajate pentru incarcarea telefoanelor, cateva banci, scaune oferite celor care nu aveau locuri, intre putinele care existau in tribune, celor care nu vroiau sa se aseze pe jos pe asfalt si celor care erau pe tocuri la concert, ca mine ; aceste lipsuri au fost compensate insa de atmosfera safety, discreta, cu sprijin catre public, creata de politie, BGS…

photo Daria and Dana Intr-o simplitate pe care nu am mai vazut o pana acum, o scena ca o cutie neagra cu un cearceaf alb, a aparut Rihanna, moment pe care l-am perceput cu emotie si nu pentru ca as fi un mare fan, ci pentru respectul pe care il am pentru un artist, care a reusit sa devina un reper prin muzica, talent, personalitate si care incearca, cred, cu greu, in aceasta lume tumultoasa, sa isi pastreze directia si sa faca alegeri cat mai potrivite.

Am aceasta parere din Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, din posturi, newsuri cu Rihanna care vin spre mine si care, unele imi atrag atentia…

 In turneul ANTI, World Tour, Rihanna a ajuns in Bucuresti dupa cateva concerte, pentru care feedbackul celor care au participat, nu a fost unul care sa o bucure; Este posibil ca ea sa nu fi reusit sa ajunga la public cu mesajul pe care vroia sa il transmita…

Cred ca mesajul turneului si al albumului este unul manifest pentru o lume mai buna…
photo Daria and Dana A intrat pe scena ca o Cleopatra a prezentului , care purta la gat crucea, un semn al credintei; Imbracata in negru, simplu si sexy, nu a schimbat tinuta pentru ca, cred ca nu si a propus; Elementul vestimentar diferentiator au fost cizmele, care cred ca sunt create impreuna cu designerul Manolo Blahnik…..

Rihanna a cantat piese de pe noul album ANTI , piese ca Stay, Desperados… care au un sound nou; Piesa Four Five Seconds scrisa in wildin cu ideea de a fi lansata impreuna cu Kanye West si Paul McCarney
IMG_9222Timp de 90 minute, Rihanna a comunicat cu publicul, iar, intr-o atmosfera care a ajuns sa fie perceputa ca un tacit respect reciproc, piesa Diamonds, a stralucit cu energie, in lumina telefoanelor si a vocilor celor care o cantau…

Dupa concert, Rihanna a postat pe Social Media, pe Instagram, parerea ei despre concertul din Bucuresti, o afirmatie importanta, apreciativa si neasteptata:

„ …A fost una dintre acele dati in care m am simtit cel mai bine pe o scena „ „Si vi se datoreaza voua tuturor”

concert Rihanna Google*Cred ca, pentru ca publicul a reactionat cu respect, pentru ca a auzit cantandu i se piesele si pentru ca designul  locului ofera o energie aparte data de Casa Poporului luminata, Rihanna s a simtit bine pe scena de la Bucuresti…





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Birthday with Native Advertising



27 July 2016

On my birthday I have received a voucher for a sponsored article on LinkedIn

I decided to write about Native Advertising, a trend direction in Advertising and Communication, online and offline; a direction that challenged me, that put my Creativity to work in order to find ways for producing Results.

Challenged my attention because it is about Communication, Customer oriented: Content, Advertisements, New trends, Innovation, Results

In these times, the things changed comparing with a few years ago, when the online environment had a well defined rules, particularities, potential clients; now, to arrive to generate results, it is very important  to fix well the percent for the marketing attention and efforts for the online environment and for the traditional environment.

Combining online marketing, mobile particularities with offline  marketing, and choosing well the percent for the focus, taking into the consideration the Communication project needs, Native Advertising can create Results.


„Native Advertising is one of the most passionate debated topics in the industry at the moment” Native Advertising Trends Report, June 2016

Native Advertising Institute with FIPP, the network for global media, made this valuable Report through interviewing 140 magazines executives worldwide; 72% are for Native Advertising  and consider Native Advertising a „Premium Product”


What could be the measurable Results on Native Advertising?

A few exemples:

~Native Advertising and Social Media, Unpaid

*On Facebook: UEFA #Good Campaign

UEFA 2016 ball


*On Twitter: Could be a valuable opportunity for Microsoft and fitted open windows for the LinkedIn brand future @microsoft @linkedin

linkedin microsoft

*On LinkedIn, I made a comment on a remark” It is not only advertisement, it is a good article” : Even the article is advertisement, it is valuable; Advertising is important; In advertising, the sources and the argues are important

~Native Advertising and Social Media, Paid

~Native Advertising and Programmatic


I think that Programmatic  Advertising that arrives to combine the real time Creativity, based on fitted and quality data, with an efficient automated display advertising, could be the step to the new Native Advertising…

Native Advertising can have like Results: Enhance brand awareness, clients engagement, employees  engagement, and can Increase actions on call-to-actions and sales through the facts that arrive to be where the customers, potential customers are, and to communicate what they are looking for, what they are like, what they are considering relevant.

content lemon googleThe Content, meaning texts, photos, video, infographics, is very important in Native Advertising.

90%of those who are producing customized content for a specific media property are considering Native Advertising important on the Native Advertising Institute and FIPP, the network for global media Report.

lemon cake pinterest2I wrote in a comment about the similarity between producing content and producing sweets; with the same a few ingredients you can make hundreds recipes; depends on the quantities, the way and the order how you mix them, the Creativity, and very important…to make what you make with open heart …

My father had his wise words: „The life cannot be extended, It is important to know to expand it”

Besides other important things that can contribute,

I think that Good and Relevant Content, through producing, opening, posting,  liking, presenting, sharing, inspiring,

during it can produce Money, it can contribute to #MakeABetterWorld


Andra Cretu

Communication Consultant  & Founder Hearty Concept

Contact: https://ro.linkedin.com/in/andracretu

with email: andra@andra-cretu.com





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A trip in Chalkidiki, Greece, for a few days, lets your spirit to rise


chalkidiki blueA trip in Chalkidiki, Greece, for a few days, to clean your eyes, relax your mind, fill your energy with the breeze, let your spirit to rise.

In Thessaloniki, I found the very chill way to drive in a city, arriving from every roads straight near the sea;  I’ve discovered a Greek Chocolateria Shop Esteria with super good chocolate and where I was impresed about the road oranged with full orange trees.

From Thessaloniki to Polygyros the municipality city, to Porto Carras where has been presented first time new EU Constitution at EU Summit , there is Chalkidiki, Aristotel  birthplace, where he wrote about „happiness like ultimate purpose of humanity existance”.

The peninsula Chalkidiki with olive trees and full of history  has 3 fingers: Kassandra, more commercial, with vibrant life nights during summer season, Sithonia, more wild with green pin forest, that gives one of the most good honey, beaches with sand and blue waters where the dolphins like to come  and the sacre religious Athos.

In this a few days trip, you can find nice places where you want to stay , to enjoy, to visit, to meet nice greek people, good fresh healthy food, when you will come again…..

chalkidiki blue

chalkidiki pins & clear water

Greece Chalkidiki Sithonia

Sithonia Blue Greece


chalkidiki map google

Chalkidiki Map

stagira google

Sageira’s Aristotel

Sithonia Chalkidiki Greece

palm & olive trees in Sithonia Chalkidiki

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How can cybernetics help the changes and the innovation that people need?


How can cybernetics help the changes and the innovation that people need?

*My description on cybernetics could be:

system googleThe Economical Cybernetics is math applied on economy , based on relevant experiences, observations, that help to create micro and macro economical models; it is important to count on fitted and accurate statistical data;

~These models need to be transformed into logical flowcharts  and after that, into programs that help to implement the economical models.

Combining a structured, logical thinking
, with a way to feel, that arrives to help to observe and to understand the things around and with a fitted way to communicate, the new cybernetics goals could be achieved:

*efficiency, efficacya systemical view of the situation in order to be able to make connections between the systemsa growth of a dynamical network,  a good base on decisional activity

*Building a holistical thinking, with interdependances

ccybernetics 7

The dependents are good and needed; Freedom doesn’t mean to not depends on anybody, but the dependents need to be fitted.

~Freedom could mean the courage to exprim in a way feelings and thoughts

*As the ancient greek, the origine kybernetike, the freedom for thoughts and feels is very important in cybernetics.

In the present and for the future, the new cybernetics with creativity could stand for the change, when is needed and for the innovation.

*The full article published on LinkedIn Pulse, on November 17, 2015


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