Review: Rihanna statements she liked to concert in Bucharest


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14 August 2016, Rihanna has been performed first time in Bucuresti

photo Daria and Dana „ “ …Was one of the best moments on the stage” ” And this is own to you all” “


In the Constitution Square, the access has opened with 5h before the Rihanna s concert, time when have been trying to warm the atmosphere, together with the sun, other two names: Nick Jones, that has a good music, beloved; I didn’t even know that he will be on the stage and, when I saw him, I realized that he is Nick from Johnass Brothers, the band from the movie for teens, The Camp Rock; He has performed especially for the teens, but I think that they didn’t know that was him and have been too concentrated with making photos.

The representative from the romanian artists was Delia, a good choice through music, style, personality, an artist that, with some songs, could find her place on the international stages; but Delia, either, couldn’t achieve to rise the public willing for an active participation to the concert.

I think that people have been waited the event organization, to be up to other level, that, at least, to balance the fact that the phones lights, lifted for the beloved songs, can be seen and can create atmosphere only when the evening starts.

Everything regarding the event organization was at a basic level…

Even the Rihanna ANTI, World Tour message has been sent through simplicity, the event organization didn’t help the atmosphere: lights, personalization, with a few T shirts, signs, brands and branding presence.

I can say that the lack of enough recyclebins, places for charging the phones, a few chairs for those that haven’t places in those few stands, for those who didn’t want to stay down on the asphalt and for those that were on the heels at the concert, like me; these lacks, have been balanced with a very safety atmosphere, discreet, opened for helping the public, that the police, BGS, arrived to maintain.


photo Daria and Dana In a simplicity that I haven’t seen till now, a stage like a black box with a white cloth, have appeared Rihanna, moment that I have perceived with emotion; and not because I am a big fan, but for the respect that I offer for an artist, that arrived to become a highlight through music, talent, personality and that is trying, I think, hardly, in this tumultuous world, to keep the direction and to make as many fitted choices.

I have this opinion from Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, from posts, news with Rihanna, that are coming towards me and that, some of them, are catching my attention…

In the ANTI, World Tour, Rihanna arrived in Bucharest after a few concerts, and the feedback received for them, hasn’t made her happy; Could be possible that she hasn’t arrived to the public with the message she wanted to transmit…

I think that the Tour message as well as the concert it is a manifesto, for a better world…

photo Daria and Dana She entered the stage like a Cleopatra of the present, wearing the cross, a believe symbol; Black dressed, simple and sexy, she didn’t change the outfit because, I think, she didn’t intend this; the differentiator cloths element, the boots, I think, created together with the designer Manolo Blahnik…

Rihanna has sung pieces from the new album ANTI, pieces like Stay, Desperados…that have a sound thet is new; Four Five Seconds, the piece wrote in wildin with the ideea to be launched together with Kanye West and Paul McCarney…
meDuring 90 minutes, Rihanna has communicated with the public and, in an atmosphere that arrived to be perceived like a reciprocal, tacit respect, the piece Diamonds, shined with energy, in the lights of mobiles and the voices of those who were singing ….


After the concert, Rihanna posted on Social Media, on Instagram, her opinion about the concert in Bucharest, an important statement, with appreciates and unexpected:

„ “ …Was one of the best moments on the stage” ” And this is own to you all” “

concert Rihanna Google*I think that, because the public reacted with respect, because she heard singing her songs and because the design of the place gives an apart energy with the People House lighted, Rihanna felt good on the stage in Bucharest…




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