The elements that give value to the Mara property that is for sale


I’ve sold the property with the two old houses on April 2018

*article wrote and published on April 4, 2016

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The elements that give value to the Mara property that is for sale

IMG_8825Domain from Mara that is for sale, 3500mp is situated in a quiet place , on one of the lanes of the village Mara; the domain is situated in sloping , overlooking the Cock’s Comb , the village church there is on a hill, some households of the village, the hills that surrounds the historic Maramures ; all of them offers very nice picture every season ;




IMG_8886The domain is formed from 2 parts

The first part is a land 1300 mp with 2 houses; the second part 2200mp with natural pond

The part with the 2 houses + exterior kitchen + 1300 mp

Entire domain:

The 2 houses + exterior kitchen +1300 mp + 2200mp with natural pond

IMG_8813 - Copy


~2 wooden houses, older than 100 years, with original wood , valuable also because of the sculptures ; for the houses assembly was kept the houses construction techniques , used in Maramures for hundreds of years ago ;houses have been decorated inside,  with quality elements in order to keep the authenticity , and for comfort, quite time, relaxation

~ homes were bought , disassembled, reassembled and restored to original , like a puzzle , with the same technique traditional, authentic, to make the joints without iron nails

~ The pillars , dranitele, have original sculptures ; for those who appreciate the old original , as a design elements, the wood looks old original

~ The roofs are made with a traditional coating technique, which has become an art  ~coating technique with wooden roof, with scales, in waters~ ; It is like those that are used in the construction of the Monastery Barsana

IMG_8834~ * The structure of the two houses is the original ; the attic of every house have a good height for the construction of 2 rooms , hallway and bathroom,  ~ The small house : two bedrooms and a bathroom~ The big house : 2 rooms , hallway , bathroom ; the house is raised ; It has spacious kitchen in the basement that come outside, has the proper temperature for food storage , wine cellar ; It is equipped with the necessary elements for the kitchen, wooden furniture with granite countertop, with granit sink and natural stones on the wall


IMG_5439~ Between the two houses is a cottage built in the same style, that can be used for summer kitchen, for storage ~ *The  interiors of the 2 houses were arranged in order to fit to traditional, autochthonous style ~Windows are termopan on wood,  made ​​of Arcer company ; windows with original glass design that follows the windows shape of Maramures , colour dark green , give a touch of color and has been chosen according to the colors found in the design elements of Maramures ~ Interior doors and exterior doors are in wood, made of Arcer company ; color dark green as the windows, that furnishes parts inside ~The floor, parquet oak , available lenghts, made of Forestland company

IMG_8808~ The bathrooms are made ​​with natural stone, travertine; showers are covered in travertine natural stone mosaic , piece of wood furniture , batteries copper are chosen quality to fit with the interior ; The sinks are hand carved in natural stone, travertine ~ The furniture, the design elements are chosen to match with the authentical interiors , are valuable , some of them are original, traditional style; these provide comfort, quite time, relaxation ; quality mattresses for quality sleep, quality relaxation ~ Heating is with wood; central heating; To warm Water there and boilers

~ During winter, in cooler seasons , the comfort is assure with the heating system with wood; with quality stoves, chosen from the Italian company Nordica, a leader brand on its market; these stoves are efficient and effective , ensure thermal comfort at a reduced consumption of wood and works as central heating ; They are ceramic and have a nice design ; ~ The walls are insulated, the special glass of the windows are helping to maintenain the temperature ; the ceiling in wooden girder are original , visible ~~ The pond has springs , a bridge is crossing ; It has fish ~~ The alleys and parking are paved with stone , gravel~~ The woven fence is made of master craftsmen who are known in the world through their work ; the fence have been made a few years ago; it is an work of art~~ The gate is old , traditional from Maramures , with original sculptures made ​​with folklore elements


*Satul Mara este situat la 25 km de Sighetu Marmatiei, 25 km de Baia Mare unde este aeroport;

*The village Mara is situated at 25 km from Sighetu Marmatiei, 25 km from Baia Mare, where there is aerport;

*The village is situated near Gutin mountain, with Creasta Cocosului, The Cock Crest, the place that is UNESCO protected for rare species fauna and flora; the place is recognized into the world for special mushrooms species, funghi porccini, truffle, berries, wildfruits;

*It is situated at 15 km from Cavnic, mountain area, ski resort that has seazon till april, for the advantageous position the slop has;

*The village is situated at 15 km from Ocna Sugatag, balneo resort, recognized for the mineral salted waters with important therapeutical proprieties;











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