The „shining pearls ” for creating content


The „shining pearls ”  for creating content

Creating Good Content Can Help To #MakeABetterWorld


*When in the article you have interesting title and subject to SHARE, it is not necessary to add storytelling. Present the subject in a STORYTELLING, when you choose, you want entire format to be a storytelling

*When you present products and services, focus on the BENEFITS for the clients

*Insert LINKS in your article, to another interesting and valuable content

* The CONTENT now, means words, photos, movies, everything you are communicating through;

~Communicate through the content: feelings, thinkings, opinions BUT make it valuable, RELEVANT for those who arrive to read it

*To give chances to your articles to be appreciated in time, you need to be AUTHENTICAL
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~In my understanding, AUTHENTICAL means that your style, your aTtitude, your values should be recognized everywhere you are communicating; speaking about online, on every social media, even you are personalizing your presence and even you change the profile photo

*On the internet, most of the content is FREE to read; Mark the quotes from other sources; Give REFERENCES to the sources, companies, people, that in a way, had an important contribution

*Take TIME to open and read the others articles

*Include into the article a traditional part, with VINTAGE BREEZE; #fashionable

About copywriter and content

Structuring the copywriting

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Now, the copywriter is a very general term ; Let’s consider that the copywriters write content.
On this way, the copywriters could be:
* those who are relating about facts, events, news… we can call them content editors

* those who are writing content about companies, products and services, brands…being able to make a difference, to present the advantages, to arrive to the clients, generating sales, brand awarness…we can call them content marketers

* Those who create content, being able to transmit new ideas, concepts, feelings, benefits, opinions…we can call them content creators

Considering that the copywriters are creating content, the content creators have a very important role, and we can say…

The content creating could be an art…the art to manage the words, images, videos, being able to transmit ideas, feelings, concepts, benefits, relates…through an appropriate content, that those who are accessing, to consider that is relevant, useful, nice, valuable, and the content creator…the artist...

part of this article content, I’ve written at the call to contest

Creating Good Content Can Help To #MakeABetterWorld

riding PinterestOn the content waves…

Exemple :

Twitter: Guerrilla Marketing Tools, “Top 10 tools to improve Content Strategy” 

Facebook: HappyTimes, “Historic Climate Change Agreement Adopted In Paris”

LinkedIn: Set in Space, the LinkedIn first TV spot #CloserThanYouThink

YouTube: Viral Video UK: World Record attempt in Skydiving Formation 

A content about almost every Social Media, I made in 2011;


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