Coloana lui Brancusi, besides Infinite is communicating Evolution


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article wrote and published on 12.12.2016

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lighteningToday, when it should be one of the most important day for me, maybe the second after my birthday, the day when I can express the most important liberty right, the right to vote, today I’m writing you again Estate. If you were a King, I’d write you personal.

I’ve written you ago a few times, for Romania’s day, I’ve written regarding Brancusi, I’ve written you with #colectiv…

I’m writing you with disappointment and revolt.

I’ve respected you and I’ve chosen you anytime when I had other options, because I believed that here is my place, I brought value and I represented you well; and I am able to argue.

You don’t help me not at all.

And I think everything is started from the fact that your laws are bad. Because I saw only 3 ilogicals in the first 5 minutes when I took contact with your laws and I realized, your laws are not protecting me.

Your laws are not protecting the right to dignity, your laws are not allowing the coherence in politics, that can give political, economical, social stability and chances for concentration, for relevant projects, for results.

Justice doesn’t mean only to fill the prisons. Justice means the laws that allow the dignity and the humans rights protection.

Your laws facilitate the abuses because your laws generate fear. Worst enemy of the faith, friendship, love, of the human integrity. Because the fear, generates cowardice.

I don’t want my children to grow up and  develop in this environment.

Your laws, I don’t think that respect the European Convention.

Your laws didn’t protect my rights, they took from my rights and in this way, materialy, they took from me almost everything.

And because the Universe, the experiences, the knowledges, the abilities that I have, for that you stay indifferent made me to think a few innovative projects, that might be solutions to important problems with that this country is facing, with argued benefits for the country, for people, for young people, for retirees:

~Project in education with fast results in growing the level of the concentration, the relevant and useful knowledges accumulated in schools, the level of the hope for a preparation focused on the own performance achievement for the young people

~Project regarding the taxes for health, unemployment, pensions, with benefits for the employers, for the employees, for the health system, assurance system, for the estate and with a responsible side on the #GlobalGoals direction

~Project regarding the taxes for the old cars and the pollution reduction, project with environmental direction

~Project in environment through valuing valuable resources and elimination of losses

~Project in creating an institution that have like goals the creation and implementation of the projects with results in growing up the happiness level for people, already considered in many countries, an social welfare indicator and with #GlobalGoals objectives, enrolled in #ParisAgreement

I SELL them to you, Estate.

And I think that from up, from somewhere, at least Brancusi, the most important and international recognized symbol of Romania, is with me.

Because I think that Coloana lui Brancusi, besides Infinite, is communicating Evolution

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