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Published on 1 November 2016

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I’m dedicating these rows in the memory of the people I’ve known and those whom I have not known, that, with  the behavior, attitude, attention for those around them, through determination, have been followed, with as much as wisdom they could, what they have understood from the designation they have in this life.

Among these people are a few friends, my grandparents, my father…

I think for all the changes we would like to happen in these times, need to change indifference, the lack of respect, lack of approaching, with attention, on the desires, aspirations, on the tries to make good things to happen. Starting with small achievements that may have a special importance, if we understand it, and till achievements that can make a difference, for a better world….

nature pinterest2Then, when these people leave this life, we remember them some time, then we arrive to forget. And with such an attitude, it’s hard to find your purpose in life and to follow it; even arrive to cannot find time to look for it; arriving with frustrations and envies, that load and that not let constructive relationships to be built.

henryford-google-5 In the past, with all the difficulties, the world was more attentive and appreciative; people were trying to “leave something behind”, an attitude that, the next generation, more educated in this way, has been respected. At that times, it has been building on valuable aspirations, innovative ideas, inventions.


I think now, more than ever, it needs attention, consideration, open for creating chances, because,

~ To act for a better world ~ even ~ ~ save the world~ have never been more real, closer to the need for action and further to be utopian

img_9462 I dedicate these rows and to #Colectiv,  for those who left and those who stayed and those who understood something of this tragic event.

For me, there were moments of suffering for everything that happens in those days. But just suffering, does not help, just words, just to feel what was wrong and what need to happen to save them, not helped. It may have helped if there could existed listening, the empathy; and these have been increasing my suffering.

This summer, after many years, I was for three days in Vama Veche. Maybe because for many from #Colectiv,  I was like at their home there, were a few moments that were like important things have been written for the future, together with those written today …




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