His Majesty, Mihai I King of Romania


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His Majesty, Mihai I King of Romania

Regele Mihai I

Your Majesty,

God to guide you on the Way of Kings, and through the Light of Eternity, to watch for the awaking of this nation.

To arrive to see the Value, to bring back the Respect, in these times when, besides the powers with vanity, The World needs, more than ever, Leaders with Dignity.

May this ~Page with thoughts~ to remain open to Your Majesty,

With consideration,

Andra Cretu

Historical Presentation of Mihai I King of Romania


Mihai I King of Romania, was born on 25 Oct 1921 at Peles Castel in Sinaia

Mother: Princess Helen of Greece and Danmark

Father: Prince Carol II of Romania how was King of Romania between 1930-1940

Grandfather: King Ferdinand I of Romania

Mihai I was King between 20 July 1927-8 June 1930 and 6 September 1940-30 December 1947

Between 1940-1947, he resisted against the political and military forced that he considered unopportuned to the interests of his people

In November 1947 he participated at the wedding of his cousin, the future Queen Elizabeth II of the UK and Prince Philip, his cousin from his mother site, in London, where, he was warned about a potential coup d’etat

In December 1947, the communist government forced Mihai I King of Romania to abdicate under the threat of killing 1000 students that were in prison and to enter in exile with properties confiscated, citizenship stripped

In 1948, Mihai I King of Romania, married in Greece with the Princess Anne de Bourbon-Parma and after a few years, they settled in Switzerland, where she staid close to him almost 7 decades


During the exile, Mihai I worked like farmer, pilot, broker, entrepreneur, has 5 children and Princess Margareta became Crown Princess Margareta

During the communist period, Mihai I King of Romania couldn’t come in Romania, he came after 1989 and in 199, President Emil Constantinescu accorded him citizenship and gave the accord to return him properties that have been confiscated

The source of information Wikipedia

The privilege of meeting Mihai I King of Romania 

When he return in Romania, Mihai I addressed to his people:

” Even if I’ve been far away from you 45 years, I never forget you and I loved you from all my heart”

Because between the most important gifts of Mihai I King of Romania were Kindness and Dignity.

And when I had the privilege to meet him, because my father was between those how were initiators and organizers of the visit in Maramures of Mihai I King of Romania, together with Princess Anna, in 1997, I saw his Kindness and Dignity.

In 2012, I had the privilege to participate at the Garden Party ul offered for the Monarchy Day, at the Palace Elizabeth in Bucharest. And than, in a very decent atmosphere, the royal air seems to offer the hope for the quality life and value appreciation, landscapes that we searched and that, I think, we need, in order to evolve like nation.

Regele Mihai si Regina Ana

I would like to add this article, to that one that I’ve written in November 2016 ~For attention to the aspirations, hopes, willings~ where I said:

~I think for all the changes we would like to happen in these times, need to change indifference, the lack of respect, lack of approaching, with attention, on the desires, aspirations, on the tries to make good things to happen. Starting with small achievements that may have a special importance, if we understand it, and till achievements that can make a difference, for a better world~

A few thoughts through the prism of my experiences and of what I’ve understood these days

*These days, Romania is in national mourning but I think, people that went at the Regal Palace in Bucharest to present the respect, everywhere Mihai I King of Romania have been commemorated and in all mass media, have been over expected. This mobilization of romanian people on these days, possible that, besides is transmitting a collective message of respect and regrets, is possible to bring to romanian people, a collective forgiveness. 

*Than when people and things that they are making are Priceless, BUT are forced to be positioned at levels much more under their value level, the ways of ascending towards appropriate levels, are very a few. These ways, depend on the personal attitude BUT most of all, depend on the empathy and support of the fitted people, that are able to generate a change. 

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Princess_Helen_of_Greece_and_her_sonmasinile Regelui


Regele Mihai si Margareta

Castelul Peles

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