Leonard Cohen Concert, Bucharest, 22 September 2012 – “Old Ideas”, in a new reverence


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On September 22, 2012, in Constitution Square, in Bucharest, at 20.00 o’clock fix, those who came to listen the music of Maestro Leonard Cohen, are vibrating at the first sounds of his unique voice.

The concert promotes  his new “Old Ideas” album , which arrived on the first position on worldwide tops, in the very first week of its appearance on the market.

Elegant, precious, Leonard Cohen has delighted us with his presence and his music.

( a sequence from the concert, click on the photo )

His music is unique.

And I think its originality derives from the different way in which it becomes music.

First of all are the artist’s feelings, which are expresed, with talent, in lyrics, full of depth and content, beeing transmitted after that, with a fascinating voice, like a sung recitation.

To enchant, to delight us all, his voice is accompanied in rhythms and melodies, perfectly chosen and interpreted by proffessionals musicians.

(Leonard Cohen feat U2, ” Tower of Song “, click on the photo)

In Bono’s opinion, from U2,  (and not only in his opinion), the voice of Leonard Cohen is the most sexy voice of a soul singer. He believes that the song “Tower of Song” in which he can find his feelings also, “ is a masterpiece!“.

During the three hours of the concert, all those who were there, have listen in quite and with big deligh,t the songs like „ Dance Me to the End of Love”, “The Future”, “Bird on the Wire”, “Everybody Knows”, “Who By Fire”, “Darkness” , “Come Healing”, “In My Secret Life”, “Waiting For the Miracle”, “I Can’t Forget”, “Tower of Song”, “Night Comes On”, “Suzanne”, “Heart With No Companion”, “The Gypsy’s Wife”, “Democracy”, “Hallelujah”, “I’m Your Man” and after that, in the applauses,  with smile on his face ( i think), Leonard Cohen went out off the stage,  in a dance, full of humor and optimism.

In the last half an hour of the show, when he sang the bis songs, the people standed  up and started a shy dance, in the rithm…..”till the end of Love”. Because Love for everything was the feeling which was transmitted in this concert and also Respect for everybody around, for his team, in front of which, he took off his hat.

And when Leonard Cohen knelt on the stage, took off his hat and said “ thank you for the privilege and honor to be again here in Romania”, I’m sure that almost all of the 15,000 participants at the show, made ​​a bow in front of this fascinating artist.

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