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Image-1Using all the actives from the present on the way towards the wanted future, last year 2017, have been resulted a few achievements, that I would like to specify in the rows of this blog.

And this is because these achievements in  7 months, had like base novel actions for me, with determination, perseverance and quality; and even if the important determination came from the financial needs, the results have been significant, over expectations.

„Quality means doing products, services, well, when no one is looking” Henry Ford

in the article: What means happiness to you?

Than when was difficult and appeared that I will be overcome, it helped me the conscious and additional energy that I’ve been added through the respect for an investment that was supposed to produce, for the beneficiaries of my work, for the money; and helped me a lot the Nature, that I cherish it and I see it like a representation of the divine energy.

2IMG_1723It was a test for me, that I admit, I didn’t want it. But was a novel test of skill, physical force, organization, speed, attention on the details, passion for taste and originality, finding technical, logical solutions that solve problems with low costs.

These, combining with a good relationship with customers, with online services providers and with finding the efficient communication environments, had to drive to the conclusion that, in 7 months, my work, time and energy allocated in this direction, into a more complex context of activities, to arrive to be with rentability. Besides rentability, I had the satisfaction that the beneficiaries liked their holiday, the satisfaction of the sustainability and an important Award, in a domain where I hadn’t experience till now, tourism, accommodation.

Having the property in Mara, with 2 old authentic houses from Maramures, having over 120 years

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Reassembled and arranged with responsibility for tradition and respect for comfort, I decided to try to rent them

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The Nature represents the most important asset through beauty, wealth, air

2378973 Guests Review Awards 2017 Bookingcom

The way of online presentation of the property, keeping with professionalism the relation with the guests, especially on Booking.com, brought, after 7 months of partnership, an important recognition: Guest Review Awards 2017 on Booking.com

„Hospitality isn’t a job, it’s a vocation and we thought that deserved to be celebrated in a big way;

Guest Review Awards are for properties that give consistency, great #guestexperiences ” Booking.com

IMG_2291The Nature this year, very generous with wild forest fruits and especially with old plums

IMG_2947IMG_2510I’ve picked up fruits, every day during a few weeks

IMG_23312IMG_2926I made Confiture, 100% Natural, with 98% fruits, good, healthy, a few hundred jars

*The Confiture with old plums +Brown Sugar + Mint, a personal receipt that, besides is good and healthy, has digestive properties, through metabolism regulation

2IMG_25632image1 (9)I’ve decided to sell the Confiture, and I’ve presented in a few places in Maramures and online, through a partnership with eMAG.ro 

IMG_3014Till Christmas inclusive, the majority of the Confiture jars with forest fruits and old plums have been sold

Thank YouI want to thank again to all those that have been guests at TheOldHouses in Mara, to all those that have been accepted the Partnerships and to all those that have been bought the Confiture

There are a few more Confiture jars with old plums, raspberry, wild cranberry and I’ve made new Confiture with bio orange; all these can be bought on eMAG.ro or with an email: cherryed@andra-cretu.com 



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