What means happiness to you?


article wrote and published on 31.12.2015

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connections googleFor me, means a lot when I see that the fitted things, people, ideas are linking, are connected to arrive to create a nice picture with results of their connections, collaborations.

To stay connected and to open places for others that can and want to participate, to create nice pictures, I think it is important:

* to try to provide and to enhance the quality

quality from pinterestqualityy googleA few days ago I’ve read on Twitter „Quality means doing products, services, well, when no one is looking” Henry Ford 


quality googleI can add that

quality could give us a quality life regarding saving time, saving money, saving stress, giving comfort, giving health, giving style, giving wellness


*to have a good sets of values

lights google

The skills, the abilities of the athletes who are making performance are brought to the level of values in competition like olympic games, when we can speak about olympic values: determination, open heart, tenacity, teamwork, respect, fair play, energy, faith, hope…

The performance could be the attempt, the wish to be better and better on the daily activity, doing with pleasure what you do, besides what you have to do.

riding PinterestThe sport, like music, like art is an expression form for the own values having like benefits the approaching to the equilibrum with yourself and with the others.
olympicThat’s why, I think that

the olympic values could be the values that need to act as much as possible like highlights on our way


*to promote valuable things, people, ideas


The networking, wrote media, TV, advertisements, social media, all are good frameworks for companies, for people to speak, write, share valuable things.


chair googlePromoting  valuable things, ideas, people, should be an attitude


These all are important for us but are very important for the young generation.

imageAnd we need to help them, to sustain them in order they arrive to know their abilities and to build their valuable sets of values, to have them like landmarks on their ways to performance.

I like the Brian Grazer article” Knight vision” posted on LinkedIn,  and I am thankful  that he gave me opportunity to write my answer to his question:

Nike Pinterest

„What Nike means to you?”

My answer :

*A message from a goddess, „Just do it”, that has been demonstrated with results of the worlds of athletes, people wishes.…For me,

*Nike means Hope

Regarding wishes, on Facebook, there is a page,  The Happy Page that draws the answers to the question:

fireworks google

„What happiness means to you?”

For me, happiness means

*When wishes happen



*A few words about Hearty Concept

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