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The Olympic Games London 2012 – Inspire a generation – the most important event of the year


Tenacity, determination and optimism are the most important traits that describing the participating athletes and that, in these days when the London Olympics take place, are brought to the scale of values.

The joy comes from the fact that thanks those involved directly in supporting, organizing the event (organizers, partners, sponsors, etc..) and thanks Mass Media, New Media, increasingly many of those who participate as mere supporters of the athletes, resonates to these values. And online environment, Social Media  has an essential role in understanding and analyzing this feedback.

The Olympic Games values ​​are expressed through symbols and are meant to inspire new generations:

  • The Olympic Flame – called also “sacred flame” is lit by sunlight, in Greece, in the ancient city of Olympia (the place where the Olympic Games have been organized in ancient) and is worn by athletes, by relay till the host city; it burns throughout the event.
  • The motto titled by Pierre de Coubertin, the one who started the modern Olympic Games ( 1896): „Citius, Altius, Fortius” , „ Faster, higher, stronger”
  • The Olympic Order, awarded to personalities who have made an important contribution to the Olympic Games, is represented by a string consisting of the Olympic rings, crowned by the olive branch (“kotinos” – olive branch that was placed on the head of the winners during the ancient Olympic Games).

It seems that till now, Nadia Comaneci is the only sports personality who was awarded the Olympic Order two times ( in 1984 and in 2004)

  • Those 3 values which underlying the organization of the Olympic Games : sports, environment and culture.
  • The Olympic rings, the 5 colored circles, chained, representing the 5 continents joined by the meeting and competing of the athletes around the world. “The six colors (blue, yellow, black, green and red, including the white background) represent all nations, without exception …..” (Pierre de Coubertin)

The Olympic rings, “the international symbol of peace and friendshipas he considers Pierre de Coubertin, have become the most recognizable symbol in the world and the Olympic Games, the most powerful brand at this time.

For all of this, I gladly dedicate the first page of my blog to this event.

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