The young generation is our future


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The conclusion of the conversation with my daughter, is about a better future.
For a better future, we need a young generation with a good attitude,with joy and will of performance.
The way to performance is the way you enjoy, that’s why, this way has to begin from what you like to do, what you would like to do, your hobbies.

teamYou can find all of these, if you open your heart. There you find what you really like to do. From there begins the contact with the creative part, that could help you to design the way you would like forward.

designTo become the way to performance, this way has to be continuously developed and it needs work, perseverance, ambition, discipline, things that have to be done and that are more about the pragmatic part. That’s why, the way to performance means also the capacity to continuously balance these two parts, the creative and the pragmatic parts.

The performance is about the results and also is about the quality of the way to achieve these results, “when you’ll arrive where you want, to be an example /a reference for the others, to be appreciated…. ”.

The young generation needs good and quality models/ references. Those who will be able to design their best way and to develop it, those youngs will become models for the future young generation and for the community.

Like a conclusion, for the young generation, the chosen way could be the way to performance if it braids:

  • What they like to do/ what they would like to to/their hobbies
  • What they need to do/work/perseverence/disciplin, like athlets
  • the existence, along the way, of a valuable and quality landmarks, like the olympic values: dignity, partnership, teamwork, fair play, determination, tenacity, respect, performance, good choice of values, models for young people

For all of these, the young generation need a team with them on their way, a collaboration between parents, teachers, proffesionals from various domains, communities representatives, having like highlights, the same values mentioned above.

Important is that, there are ways to achieve all of these….depends on us, those who are able and want, to do good things to happen

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