The young generation is our future



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A recently conversation with my daughter, at a cup of tea,  became a conversation about future plans and what she would like to do. Very nice and funny moments that filled me with joy, pride and also with responsibility.

The conclusion of this discussion, will be added in a further article. There is a wonderful proof that the young people are those who can help us to find ways for a better future.

„ It would be very well for us to know what we want to become, as soon as possible, to have time to prepare on that direction.

When we are born, we get that thing …. you can imagine, it is like a grain and it means the perfection. We own this only than. This grain has two equal parts. One part is the imagination, creativity and one …. how is it called? The pragmatic. Thank you taught me a new word:)

At the beginning, these two parts are equal, then, they are developing differently. Depends on us and on those around us how much water we put to one side and on another one to make them to grow up. One of them grows more than the other. But both of them are important.

Children know what they like in the early days, but after that, only a few are those who want to find those things they really like and make them to rise. Maybe they don’t know how important is to do this and they need help from the others around them.

These two parts we have talked about could means also: what you like to do and what you have to do. Anyway, you can hear” you have to do this” more often then “what would you like to do”.

I already know what job I want because I have this part of “what I like to do” more developed:)

If you know what you like, it’s easier because what you like to do, you are doing with your heart and from your heart.

If you ask young people what they want to become in the future, I think there are two categories: one that will answer: ” a good job, to earn a lot of money” and others who want to do what they like to do and earn money:) That’s what I would like. It’s kind of ideal. But if you do what you like and work for this, you’ll archieve the performance in a funny way, having a happy life and enjoying the performance.

What means the performance? To rise up higher and higher … you know the song :), to be an example for the others, to be appreciated. This could be your way: doing what you like to do, working ( here you have to use the part that is: to do the right things you have to do, ambition, I know …. order, discipline…) you’ll archieve the performance and you have to be appreciated.

What it means to be appreciated? It’s a common word that everybody uses but many of them do not use it well. To receive money? Yes, this is a part cause with money you can do a lot of good things. But it’s more than that …. it is that people consider important for them, valuable, ….ok, those who are envoius, are not part of this discussion.

How could you know what job would you like to have?

First you have to know what do you like to do when you relax, during your leisure?

On that moments, usually, you are doing what you like. Doing things from the heart, you’re more creative, you can see the beautiful things around you, you’re more cherrful ….

I guess we must begin from here to find the best way. Then we have to develop, to do what we have to do …. to work, sometimes hard, to achieve what we would like. But we have to like also the way, so we have to make it funny and cool.

There’s something more … to have the good team, right people around us, to help us and to be with us on our ways: parents, friends, teachers….

We, the young people, we are like rough diamonds …. with attention, responsibility and honor we could be made to bright “


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