Maramures, Romania


article wrote and published on Jan 8, 2013

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Maramures is one of those places where time seems to stop, giving us time to enjoy the simple things.

You get to see the beauty of the nature, animals that children know better from books, simple people, cheerful, inviting you to be their guest and to give them the satisfaction to make you feel good.

Here you can see daily life, with all of the needs, almost the same for hundreds of years ago. Most of them, can be settled only by the nature: ” maybe will snow, because it’s good for the earth, but not so much to have floods; maybe will rain when is heat and drought; maybe the rain will stop when rivers are whirling ….”

Local people, pray for all of them and know how to say thank  for everything.

Maybe that’s why, Maramures, is one of those places where you can find spirituality in its pure form and even, you get to enjoy it.

Winter holidays have a special place into the heart of Maramures, because they are the ones that carry on and from very far, the traditions and the local customs.

Every year on December 27 in Sighetu Marmatiei, the Maramures hystorical residence, takes place “ The Customs and traditions Festival “. It brings together artists, writers, historians, ethnologists, representatives of the folk areas in Romania and abroad, people who love Maramures.

Speaking of people who love Maramures, one of them, who proved this many times is Miya Kosei, who says that Maramures is the place, “where he found a second home”

Miya Kosei was born in 1937 in Tokyo. He studied literature, art, history and ethnology, economics and sociology. He came first time in Romania in 1965. He likes very much Maramures and visited it hundred times. Many of his books and volumes of photos are dedicated to Romania and Maramures.

In December this year, at “The Festival of customs and traditions”, in Sighetu Marmatiei, at 86 years old, Miya Kosei announces publication of his new photo album about Maramures. This album will be released this summer, in partnership with the publisher Valea Verde ( Green Valley) from Sighet. ( the interview took by Mr. Cristian Fernea is in romanian language, the translation will be ready soon)

I would like in Maramures, everything that is nice and healthy, to remain. In most of all villages in Maramures, customs and traditions for hundreds of years ago, don’t happen only on holidays. There are part of the people’s everyday life.

How could it be that the “new” to be taken in the existed context and to harmoniously match the ” landscape”?



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