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image1 (6)The chance for evolution is built on creativity, logical, balance, values, open hearts, fitted interconnections, fitted communication

A few words regarding my perception on The Change:

The Changes are beneficial than, when being adopted, help people, companies, countries to evolve, to go on the direction to the meant they understood they have.

But it is important to Change what is needed. The Changes are generated through experiences. Usually, those that have passed through a Change and arrived on the superior levels of echilibrum, performance, have had extraordinary experiences, being able to overcome their difficulties.

In these times, people are giving too much bases on the idea that it is important to pass through difficulties because only like this you can evolve; therefore, it is not prioritized the attention to support, in order that, difficult moments to be more easily overcome; and it is not easy to take the best decisions in difficult situations.

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People that can do this have important highlights values, open heart, determination and hope; they are able to give support to the others, if they account an open attitude. When people are opened, there are chances for an open attitude in companies, into the society.

The fact is, that if till now we could say that the inside Change, when is needed, can bring a lot of benefits, now it is mandatory, it is with the must. Because I think, these times are for everybody.

The Change, from the moment of realizing its results, becomes a way of life, that might appear to be difficult, but being well managed, can bring wise, happy moments, accomplishments, evolution, that could drive to both types of benefits: individual and collective thinking.

I wrote and published the article on LinkedIn on 14 January 2017 

There’s a saying: People cannot Change

I think People that arrive to embrace, with Happiness, a True Personal Change, are People that are finding in their hearts Love.

There’s a saying: With Love, can move mountains.

I think True Love gives That Magical Force that can only gives Happiness.


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