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cub2Than, when in a person’s life, in the society, in the world, the things are tangled, very tangled, that it seems to be no way to untangle them; it seems that, as much as you want to untangle them, during you „ play” how good you can in the game of life, as much as they become more tangled.

Actually, there are solutions!!

*Some people, had the discernment to learn the solving from others and they are applying them with results

*Other people, are using their intuition

I’ve learnt at the Faculty of Cybernetics that, the system represents a connection of elements that must function with efficiency and efficacy together, being needed to be in link with other systems, to form dynamical networks, etc

From life, I’ve recently understood that the system can be compared with an Rubik Cube

The solve of the problems, of the situations, no matter how tough they are, can be done, but only if the ~cube~ is unblocked!

When the ~cube~, respectively, a system, is blocked, to unblock it, is the priority,

In order to start to move and to permit a systemical, cybernetical evolution, for a better future and for a better world!! #MakeABetterWorld

*One of my recent experiences from my life, that is the base of the conclusion above mentioned

Interference with the juridical system in Romania

  1. I received the Court Decision regarding the Unblocking, being unfavorable
  2. I’ve asked the unblocking of my bank accounts, of my financial and fiscal life, consequently in professional life
  3. The banking accounts blocked from 5 years ago for taxes for 2 cars
  4. Cars that couldn’t been sold because at that moment, the fees for the car registration on sell, have been much more higher than the cars prices
  5. I’ve sold the cars, I’ve paid the fees but it rested an amount, that I didn’t know about! I’ve verified and I’ve demonstrated that this amount has been paid!
  6. The bank accounts remained blocked, with with notifications sent to the companies where I had shares
  7. They told that the unblocking can be done only with a Court Decision
  8. I had to request in Court the bank accounts unblocking, bringing all the argues and demonstration
  9. The Court decision in unfavorable with the reason of lateness and like any court decisions, it gives 10 days for appeal, even the envelope with the decision arrived one month later!
  10. Anyone who is reading the court decision, is reading fear

Immediate conclusions that can sustain a change in approaching the profession

#MakeAChange #MakeABetter World

The judges are named to make Justice, to analyse the cases in their uniqueness and to give correct verdicts applying the law!

They are saying they are applying the law, and put everyone and all the cases, on the same pot!

In order the law to be applied, is not necessary that, a person to ask his/her rights in justice and to open process! The law, need to be respected and applied! Therefore, the laws have to exist and to be correct!

For knowing the law, there are lawyers that can help to defense of rights, consultants or you can apply for a newsletter!

The judges, those that it seems that have to know the law, those that have the big responsibility, like people destinies, they need first of all:

1. Logic

2. Conscience

3. Attitude „customer oriented” like in marketing~ because people are their clients

#MakeAChange for #PeopleHappinessLevel , for #Sustainability, to #MakeABetterWorld


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