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Being together with my son to see the parade organized for the National Day of Romania, I had the feeling that it is a holiday for the children.  I was there also for the same reason, first of all to make a joy to my child. It was above expectations to see so many people and more of that, so many children.

For my son, the whole parade was very interesting and a reason of joy. For me, the joy was his joy and it was also something else. It was a state of optimism that was in the air, because of the children, which, with their pure thoughts, credited us, the adults, with confidence and charging us in the same time  also,  with responsibility. At least, this was my feeling at that moment, that we, the adults, we are responsible for the trust we are credited by the children. That means that we have not to think only for ourselves, we have to build a collective positive thinking also for the society in which these children are going to grow.

At that moment, I thought that I want to write about romanian people who succeeded, there are a lot of them and I hope to have this opportunity in the future.

There are those people who “found their way” and still having a  very fresh regret that I was unable to attend the concert Horia Brenciu that took place a few hours before, I thought to write a few words about.

Horia Brenciu had a concert in Bucharest on November 30, along with his HB Orchestra Big Band. The concert “My Way” ” is a concert that will remain in history” as he says, more or less ironic as characteristic style, “because is the first time when a swing & jazz music production is sung by romanian singers” .

the very professional videoclip” My way”

What I admire and respect at Horia Brenciu, besides his vocal qualities, PR interesting ideas, that often play his music in concerts with friends, use every opportunity of his concerts  to promote young artists,  he is one of those romanians who was looking, very visible, to find his way and very visible, he found it.

Therefore, I’m thinking that the song “My Way” performed by him, would find a place in this post.

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