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During the 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock, Lifestyle & Business Casual Event organized in december,18.12.2012, at IBIS Hotel, Bucharest we gave START  for THE OLYMPICS.

THE OLYMPICS is the Hearty Concept responsibility program, having likeobjective to support sports activities and also to support the implementation of the Olympism values ​​into the society.

While I was watching the Olympics London 2012, Inspire a generation … these inspired me.

3 reasons for THE OLYMPICS program’s birth:

The Olympism is a concept of culture, with an universality character, which has in the foreground people and the human condition; the Olympism is seen as a factor that bring people together, across political, religious options.

It has established itself throughout history, through a set of values, the most important being: the respect and the dignity.

* the respect for the opponent, considered as race partner, the relationships promoted being the partnerships, the associations

* Dignity, modesty in the victory and serenity in the defeat

All of these are the basis of the concept of fair play, “the essence of sport, the most valuable asset of its,the quintessential correctness” – Gabriela Costiu sports trainers. In her post “Olympism and fair play”, I found some ideas about the olympism that I like and I  present them further, in a few words.

<Because of these values, the olympism ​​exceeded the boundaries of the sports, reaching to influence other various fields,which they put in a high value light (economics, art, science).

The Olympism concept highlights the sport as a powerful educational factor, which has like aim the improvement of the human being in all its complexity; therefore, the sport has to be perceived like serving the human development and the construction of an advanced human society.

The Sport, with a millenary history, continuously enriching but maintaining in the meantime the traditions, facilitates the interpersonal relationships by promoting the values ​​such as:  respect, solidarity, friendship, determination, perseverance, team spirit.

The Olympism is culture, to the extent that the performance in any activity, represent the creation, because it involves the discovery of human resources availability, which are capitalizing at them best.>

All those who rich performance in their fields, represent models, especially for the children and young people, and we, the adults, have a moral duty to contribute to highlighting and supporting such models and the development of the Olympic spirit, in general, with all its values.

These values ​​are found between the Hearty Concept values and from this fact, arise the wish to promote the olympism and the idea for THE OLYMPICS, the social responsibility program that we started on 18.12.2012, at the Christmas TEA & Social Responsibility Event, at IBIS Hotel, Bucharest.

The introduction for what the social responsibility means was made by Luminita Oprea, the author of the first books in Romania on CSR topics – “CSR Vector” (focused on stakeholder engagement), 2011, „CSR – from theory to practice”, 2005

One of the promotor of this concept in Romania, Luminita, is teaching the students of the Faculty of Jurnalism and the Communication Science the CSR, trying to rise in them, in the meantime, the personal responsibility.

 « I will continue to do this, by being an essential information and motivational resource, through the natural gifts that were given to me, for people who seek to better know themselves, in all walks of life».

The social responsibility programs are more than philanthropy, as yet perceived by some people/companies.

A social responsibility program has a goal that can be achieved through several projects with SMART objectives, with social impact and is a program that is developing over time, becoming tradition.

Therefore,  the 5 o’clock @ 6 o’clock event organized in December 2012, is a framework where the  tradition of Christmas songs was braided with the social responsibility and with the millennial tradition of tea.

The friends from Livada cu ceai … ( The orchard with tea…) were present.

We were delighted with exciting stories about the history and tradition of tea and a demonstration of Matcha tea ritual.

In the Livada cu ceai shops, we find rare teas, fruit blends voluptuous flowers and tea, fine porcelain, goods meant to delight our soul in moments of escape from everyday worries. Moreover, where we always feel guests not only clients and where the hosts know how to add, to each box of tea, a story.

Livada cu ceai is above all, a concept itself, “a place of story, loved by all those seeking a healthy and beautiful phenomenon, which comes from the east and can be placed in a cup with love light, to enjoy our romanian souls,  lovers of story, poetry, beautiful and trendy things. “

All of us, wish tradition for the social responsibility concept and for THE OLYMPICS program, enjoying a Christmas TEA, in an atmosphere with Christmas songs … for a good luck!!!!




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